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In order to contribute to the content the overall process is:

  • Create a copy of the content. (what is called a "Fork").
  • Make modifications to the content, or add new content on your own copy (on the "Fork").
  • Make a request to include your changes (what is called a "Pull Request").

If you have big plans for changing the content, adding new topics or changing units significantly, you might want to get in touch with us at in order to discuss the changes before you put a lot of work into it.

Also please consult on contribution guidelines for more information about what type of content is of interest and how we make decisions about including new content or accepting modifications.

How to do this?

Create a copy of the content (Fork)

You will need to follow these steps:

Github will make a copy of the repository, this is now your own version which you can modify as you like.

Make modifications to the content

There are several approaches. The simplest is to follow these steps.

  • Go to
  • (Only on the first time you will need to authorize your github account)
    • Click "Authorize on Github"
    • Confirm the Autorization on Github.
  • Navigate to the content you would like to modify in your copy (Fork).
  • When you are done, use the Save button and include a message describing the changes you have done.

At this stage your modifications only exist in your copy.

Make a request to include your changes

Once you've created you changes, you can request to include them in the Open Mentoring platform and mobile app.

  • Go back to github and your own copy of the openmentoring-content repo. (Go to the Github home page and on the left you should see a list of your repositories).
  • Click on the New Pull Request button.
  • Review your changes and if you are satisfied with them, click on "Create pull Request"
  • Please describe your changes and explain why you are submitting them and what you think they are contributing to the readers.
  • When you have explained your changes, click on the Create Pull Request button.

We will be notified of your changes and we will discuss them with you on the Pull Request. You should receive emails when we comment, accept or refuse your proposed changes.

How to update your fork

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