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<FACE,51,1>Yo! You finally got here. Now we'll decide things once and for all!
<FACE,51,1>You just get on my nerves! I'll whip you right now!
<FACE,51,1>There's room for only one CHAMP! I'll make you understand that!
<FACE,51,1>Prepare to lose!
<FACE,51,1>#26! Smash it!
<FACE,51,1>Do it, #26!
<FACE,51,1>#26, finish it!
<FACE,51,1>Pull back, #26!
<FACE,51,1>Switch, #26!
<FACE,51,1>Good! Switch, #26!
<FACE,51,0>Ugh! That's impossible!
<FACE,51,2>Hey! You're looking pale!
<FACE,51,2>Drill that home! It can do that, too!
<FACE,51,0>Hmph! So you got a critical hit. Don't start
celebrating just yet!
<FACE,51,0>What do you mean by that?
<FACE,51,1>Did it get careless?
<FACE,51,0>What are you doing?
<FACE,51,2>Ha! So much for your big talk.
<FACE,51,0>Arrrrgh! #26!
<FACE,51,1><WAZA,219,1>Quit showing off!
<FACE,51,1><WAZA,105,4>The world belongs to the strong!
<FACE,51,0>Lose to you? Never!
<FACE,51,0>What are you thinking?
<FACE,51,2>Do you see? I'm the best!
<FACE,51,2>The bottom line is that you can't beat me, no matter what you do.
<FACE,51,2>You're wasting your time playing with those wimpy POKéMON.
<FACE,51,0>What... Why?!? This should have been perfect!
<FACE,51,0>Are you happy that you won? Hmph! Sure. Go ahead and brag
about it.
<FACE,51,0>What? What is it that I lack?
<FACE,51,1>Hmph! How could I have only tied against the likes of you?
<FACE,51,2>There you go. Go on home to your mommy.
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