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0x1718000 @ 9b18f11 Add the remaining data tables. Nov 4, 2014
0x1898000 @ 0be7b31
0x1e40000 @ 31f874e
0x2000000 @ 7f4b535 Add the remaining data tables. Nov 4, 2014
0x3fd5000 @ 8179108 Update 0x3fd5000. Nov 18, 2014
0x3fed000 @ c47509f
faces @ 465b64e
text Fix some misattributed texts. Nov 3, 2014
Makefile Link to armips. Oct 3, 2015

text/ is done.

rosters/ is done.

rentals/ is done.

backgrounds/ is done.

academygfx/ is done.

(but for all of the above, some files could use better names)



  • what is this?


  • what is this?


  • this is references to logos and other texts. what is the format?


  • what is this?
  • answer: .pers.szp, containing yay0, containing FRAGMENT
  • but what is it?


  • have been dumped to png
  • need to write a converter from png


  • contains .pers.szp files that in turn contain yay0-compressed data
  • these have been decompressed into the .bin files. but what is their format?
  • need to write a yay0/pers-szp compressor/decompressor


  • just one file
  • looks like 253 entries, 16 bytes per entry
  • 253 is awfully close to 251
  • so it probably has something to do with pokémon species

There is a table at 0x04377d0 (contains .pers-szp containing yay0)

There is a table at 0x04494c0 (contains .pers-szp containing yay0)

There is a table at 0x1638000 (contains .pers-szp containing yay0)

Need to look into using armips for assembly.

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