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Improve picture-in-picture transition animations

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saagarjha committed May 29, 2019
1 parent 9cc47c2 commit 425f221bae689054d1056ce63d6017246158166b
Showing with 18 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +18 −3 iina/MainWindowController.swift
@@ -2822,7 +2822,11 @@ extension MainWindowController: PIPViewControllerDelegate {
pip.presentAsPicture(inPicture: pipVideo)
pipOverlayView.isHidden = false

videoView.videoLayer.draw(forced: true)
// If the video is paused, it will end up in a weird state due to the
// animation. By forcing a redraw it will keep its paused image throughout.
if {
videoView.videoLayer.draw(forced: true)

if let window = self.window {
let windowShouldDoNothing = window.styleMask.contains(.fullScreen) || window.isMiniaturized
@@ -2863,11 +2867,17 @@ extension MainWindowController: PIPViewControllerDelegate {

pipStatus = .notInPIP

pipOverlayView.isHidden = true
window?.contentView?.addSubview(videoView, positioned: .below, relativeTo: nil)
videoView.frame = window?.contentView?.frame ?? .zero

videoView.videoLayer.draw(forced: true)
// Similarly, we need to run a redraw here as well. We check to make sure we
// are paused, because this causes a janky animation in either case but as
// it's not necessary while the video is playing and significantly more
// noticeable, we only redraw if we are paused.
if {
videoView.videoLayer.draw(forced: true)


isWindowMiniaturizedDueToPip = false
@@ -2877,6 +2887,11 @@ extension MainWindowController: PIPViewControllerDelegate {
func pipShouldClose(_ pip: PIPViewController) -> Bool {
// This is called right before we're about to close the PIP
pipStatus = .intermediate

// Hide the overlay view preemptively, to prevent any issues where it does
// not hide in time and ends up covering the video view (which will be added
// to the window under everything else, including the overlay).
pipOverlayView.isHidden = true

// Set frame to animate back to
pip.replacementRect = window?.contentView?.frame ?? .zero

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