MPV Options and Properties

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IINA is based on mpv. Hence, you can use most of mpv’s options as well as mpv’s config file.

The order

IINA will load options in the following order at start:

Options set in preference panel Low priority
Options set in Extra mpv options
Options set in user config file
Reserved options (see below) High priority

Reserved options

The following options are reserved, which means that you are not supposed to set them in any way:

Option Reason
vo It must be opengl-cb to support IINA’s normal operation.
opengl-hwdec-interop It should be auto if vo is set to opengl-cb.
keepaspect IINA’s window will always keep with video’s aspect. This property is true in windowed mode and false in full screen.
force-window It must be no. See #437.

IINA will set them after loading user config (from v0.0.7), so having them in mpv.conf or “Extra mpv options” is fine. However, you should make sure your scripts not changing above options during runtime.

Options that won’t work


Almost all window related options are not working in 0.0.7, since IINA uses it’s own window.


Option Reason
fullscreen, fs IINA bridged it with the real window’s full screen status.
ontop Same as above.
keep-open It’s connected to Preference > Behavior > Keep window open when playback finished.
geometry IINA interprets the format string by itself (so there might be inconsistent behaviors with mpv). Only works when opening a new window.

In plan

The following options will be supported later.

Option Reason
title Will implement the same connection as fullscreen.
autofit See above.
window-scale See above.

Won’t fix

The following options will never be considered.

Option Reason
border related IINA’s window will always keep with video’s aspect.
wid, x11 related Irrelevant.


By default, osd-level is set to 0 if you unchecked Preference > Advanced > Use mpv's OSD. It can be override by user configs.


All terminal related options won’t work since IINA uses client API.

Inspecting properties at runtime

You can inspect mpv properties (or options) at run time in the inspector (Cmd+I) Status > Watch.

All Added entries will refresh each second.

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