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Features Enhancements & Bug Reports

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  • Before submitting any requests, where possible, please make certain that you are running the latest version of the OpenWayback code.
  • Search the issue tracker to see whether this bug/enhancement has already been reported/requested.
  • If there is no existing issue, please add a new one.
  • Add one issue for each bug/enhancement individually; try not to merge multiple requests into the same issue.


Whether requesting an enhancement of existing functionality or reporting a bug, please try to include a clear, concise summary of the request. Not only will this facilitate searching and thus avoid duplication, but it will enable developers to more easily track the issues.

Bugs: Steps to Reproduce

When logging a new bug, please provide as much information as possible in order for us to reproduce the problem. Steps should be precise and as much information regarding the system environment as is available should be included.

Additional Information

Where possible, try to include additional information: stack traces, screenshots, etc.


When logging a new issue, please add the appropriate Label ("bug", "documentation", etc.) to facilitate tracking of the new issue.

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