PlateMate: crowdsourcing nutritional analyses from food photographs
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PlateMate: crowdsourcing nutritional analyses from food photographs


Install requirements

sudo apt-get install libjpeg-dev
pip install -r requirements.txt

This should install:

  • Django 1.2.5
  • Pillow (latest)
  • Boto (latest)
  • httpagentparser (latest)
  • oauth latest

Modify Local Settings

In the platemate directory modify to your paths and rename to In the platemate directory, add your Amazon Mechanical Turk keys in and save it as

Create Database Tables

From the platemate directory, run: python syncdb --noinput

Add an admin user

python createsuperuser
//TODO add the user to initial data fixutre (or is there one?)

Run the project

python runserver

or ./

Create HITs on Amazon MTurk sandbox

python BATCH_NAME sandbox

where BATCH_NAME is a subdirectory under static/uploaded. This is hardcoded and specifying any other path will break things.


Module no found

Cause: Likely an import statement in the module is failing because of a missing library. Fix: Try each import in the module individually.

Database Locked

It seems that when both the runserver and the experiment scripts are running, there is a race condition on the database that would crash one script if the other is accessing the DB.

Accessing the database through adminer on iis-dev:

Deleting all hits from mturk AND resetting the database

python flush