PServer is a general purpose personalization server.
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Current Version v1.3

PServer is an application that is developed by the National Center of Scientific Research “Demokritos” of Greece and is a general purpose personalization server. So PServer is a program with functionality that can be used by different kind of applications that need to provide personalized services. SciFY (, in collaboration with “NCSR Demokritos”, finilised and documented PServer and makes sure that this technology will be offered to all for free, with all needed support: it is widely distributing and supporting PServer building relevant communities.

PServer is designed to be platform and application independent. That means it can run on different operating systems and can provide generic personalization services to application that the content is unknown. Furthermore to be platform independent, PServer is designed to communicate over HTTP protocol. Applications can make simple HTTP requests that contain the parameters of the request and gather results through XML documents. This is pretty much the same way that RESTful web services work but it is even “lighter”.

PServer is implemented in Java and uses MySQL as its RDBMS. That means that if you want to install PServer first you must have to install MySQL version 5+ and JVM version 1.5+. You can download these applications from the sites of MySQL and Sun for free. After that you should download the latest version of PServer files.

  1. JAVA
  2. MySQL Server
  3. PServer files
  4. CMake
  5. Make for linux | Make for Windows
  6. gcc

You can find more information about PServer in our community and in the below links:

See PServer in action in our DemoSite.

Finally, if you want to support us or contribute please visit the follow link. Support Us