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breunings didn't like the idea, but I think it would be handy if both the player tracker and the level guesser externsions were installed, that the pop-up info on a player pin would include that player's guessed level.

I like this idea too.


jonatkins commented Mar 20, 2013

I like it too. I'll accept a patch for thus if it's reasonably clean and doesn't cause issues for either plugin on its own.


vita10gy commented Mar 26, 2013

Issue #61

I'm guessing the main reason he didn't like it is because this kind of thing might open a can of worms regarding plugin dependencies. Although in this case it should be easy enough to fall back if guess player level isn't there, it is probably a rabbit hole that, in general, we should avoid leaping down.

I visit github and want to submit this idea. i am lucky to see that many people have done this. and found this request.


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Pull from upstream.

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