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* counters - packet and byte counters
* Author: Paweł Foremski
* Copyright (c) 2012 IITiS PAN Gliwice <>
* Licensed under GNU GPL v. 3
#include <inttypes.h>
#include "flowcalc.h"
struct flow {
uint64_t pkts_up;
uint64_t pkts_down;
uint64_t bytes_up;
uint64_t bytes_down;
void header()
printf("%%%% counters 0.1\n");
printf("%% cts_pkts_up: number of packets in the initial direction\n");
printf("%% cts_pkts_down: number of packets backwards\n");
printf("%% cts_bytes_up: number of bytes in the initial direction\n");
printf("%% cts_bytes_down: numbers of bytes backwards\n");
printf("@attribute cts_pkts_up numeric\n");
printf("@attribute cts_pkts_down numeric\n");
printf("@attribute cts_bytes_up numeric\n");
printf("@attribute cts_bytes_down numeric\n");
void pkt(struct lfc *lfc, void *plugin,
struct lfc_flow *lf, struct lfc_pkt *pkt, void *data)
struct flow *t = data;
if (pkt->dup) return;
if (pkt->up) {
t->bytes_up += pkt->psize;
} else {
t->bytes_down += pkt->psize;
void flow(struct lfc *lfc, void *plugin,
struct lfc_flow *lf, void *data)
struct flow *t = data;
printf(",%"PRIu64",%"PRIu64, t->pkts_up, t->pkts_down);
printf(",%"PRIu64",%"PRIu64, t->bytes_up, t->bytes_down);
struct module module = {
.size = sizeof(struct flow),
.header = header,
.pkt = pkt,
.flow = flow