Content used in the sessions conducted at IIT Madras
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Computer Vision and Intelligence Group, IIT Madras


This repository contains content that we use for various topics and sessions.

Folder Structure

There are two folders:

  • Topics: Which contains primer material, exercises as well as some caveats we observe while using computer vision and deep learning libraries.

  • Session Content: These are chronologically ordered content we have used for our sessions at IIT Madras. Most of our sessions are documented, and you could go over our blog to view the same.


We are big fans of open-source and have benefitted from the same in the past. So we encourage you to fork this repository, use it for your needs, modify and tinker its code.

However, if you do find this repo useful, we would really appreciate you crediting us for the same. Do reach out to us in case of issues or clarifications.

Keep in Touch

You can find our contact details over here.


Here are some external resources we found to be rather helpful:

  1. The awesome series of resources across computer vision, machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning and natural language processing. Credits to the relevant repository owners. We've in addition forked them over to the resources section:

You can find these under the References folder too.