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I like to put an emoji at the front of every commit that I 📌 on Github.

See any repo I run for proof.

I don't care what they are, I just like to do it, because the visual element is way better than any words can be. Descriptions are good to write, but not commit messages. They should just be emojis. 😤

Still, it's hard to actually :think: when I need them! 😞

This 💩 is 🙅

So I made a thing that will get you what you want, quick!


python -m moji

That will produce one random emoji from the entire list of emojis! , right?

But if you add a number after, baby, now we're cooking with 🔥

python -m moji 20

If you have saved in the user site-packages folder, this will work from anywhere.

Otherwise, you'll have to call it from the folder you've got it saved in. Open a terminal there, and just type


NOTE: If you use the emoji.bat file included in this repo, and place it in a Shortcuts folder, or somewhere on the PATH, then you can even call this without python -m

But wait! There's more!

python -m moji 30 -d

The -d is a debug flag, and will help you see how many emojis were output, and from which categories. More on the categories below.

Specific Emojis, Arguments, and Help

python -m moji -h

will produce some assitance for you , like so:

Getting Emojis from specific Groups

These are the categories I have the emojis grouped into:

Category Command Description
All -a everything
Emotes -e people and emotions
Objects -o nouns, ya know?
Nature -n the great outdoors
Places -p man made💩
Symbols -s all the weird and miscellaneous

NOTE: Only one of those arguments can be used at a time, or it won't give you anything at all!

Getting the Group You want by Name

You can use the optional argumen -m to supply the name of the emoji set you'd like as well:

python -m moji -m nature 30

which would give you 30 random emojis selected from the nature category!


Retrieves custom amounts of emojis used in Github Flavored Markdown. I can't ever remember them, so just type 'emoji' in the terminal, and you'll get as many as you need!







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