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Bayer-pattern image to color image converters.

Scala CI Maven Central Scaladoc

Demasaicing (Bayer patter reconstruction) algorithms implemented, all support 8 bit and 16 bit input:

  • DDFPD - published in: "Demosaicing with Directional Filtering and a Posteriori Decision", D. Menon, S. Andriani, and G. Calvagno, IEEE Trans. Image Processing, vol. 16 no. 1, Jan. 2007. Versions with and without refining are provided.
  • Replication - from Debayer plugin
  • Bilinear - from Debayer plugin
  • Smooth Hue - from Debayer plugin
  • Adaptive Smooth Hue - Adaptive Smooth Hue algorithm (Edge detecting) from Debayer plugin

Installing Plugins in ImageJ


Option 1

Prebuild binaries are published with each Release.

  1. Look for in the asset section for an "ijp-debayer2sx_v.*.zip" file,
  2. download and unzip into ImageJ's plugins directory. It should create subdirectory "ij-plugins".
  3. Restart ImageJ

Option 2

DeBayer2SX is also a part of the ij-plugins-bundle. You can download from its Release page.


DeBayer2SX is a part of the ij-plugins-bundle that is also distributed for FIJI/ImageJ2 as IJ-Plugins Update Site: ""

Project Structure

  • ijp-debayer2sx-plugins - the front-end ImageJ plugins for end-user.
  • ijp-debayer2sx-core - the backend implementation of the algorithms. Intended to be used as a library by a developer.

ImageJ Plugins

Plugins install by default under "plugins" > "IJ-Plugins"

  • DeBayer2 - convert Bayer-pattern image to color image using various algorithms.
  • Make Bayer - convert color image to a Bayer-pattern image.

More details are in the Wiki.

Using as library

ijp-DeBayer2SX can be used as a stand-alone library, add following dependency to your SBT:

"net.sf.ij-plugins" %% "ijp-debayer2sx-core" % _version_

Developer Notes

The project is using SBT as the build system.

A convenient way to compile and run plugins in ImageJ plugins from SBT prompt is to select ijp_debayer2sx_plugins project and use ijRun command:

> sbt
sbt:ijp-debayer2sx> project ijp_debayer2sx_plugins
sbt:ijp_debayer2sx_plugins> ijRun