Audio files server (runtime Vue.js 2.0, Bootstrap 4 Beta 2)
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Audio files server built with Vue.js 2.0 and Bootstrap 4

The audio files are meant to be served over a local network. Idea came from a request from a non profit wanting to serve recorded lessons to several listeners at the same time.

Technologies used

  • Vue.js 2.0 runtime cdn library
  • Bootstrap 4 Beta 2 (css only)
  • Google Font
  • PHP

Installation instructions for Windows

Step 1: Download PHP

PHP runtime can be downloaded from

Extract the files from the zip archive into a local folder, for example C:\php

Step 2: Download project

git clone
cd audio-server

(Optional) You can add a folder name after the git url to specify where to store the downloaded files. Default is audio-server.

Step #3: Download and install Composer

Composer is a dependency manager for PHP.

Visit and download the Composer-Setup.exe

Step #4: Download third party modules

composer install

Step #5: Update environment settings

Rename or make a copy of the .env.example to create .env, modify settings as needed.

Step #6: Create a shell script to launch the app

Create file start-audio-server.cmd in the project root folder.

c:\php\php -S router.php

That should be it! Start the server by executing start-audio-server.cmd. Access the site by visiting http://{ip-address}.

How to add and maintain audio files

Locate the folder audio (unless this has been changed in the .env file).

Delete the sample folders and files within them.

Create new folder(s) with names separated by -. For example folder Javascript-for-Beginners will create a group called Javascript for Beginners.

Audio files within the folder will be named with the same format. Currently only .mp3 and .wav audio files are supported.


Folders starting with _ will be restricted and hidden when accessing the home page.

Restricted folders can be access via /<folderCode>. For example http://localhost/123456 will access folder audio/_123456.

Add a .name file to name the restricted audio group. For example in the audio/_123456 folder will create a group called Internal Memos.


Q: The app header shows up but none of the audio folder shows up on my Android Chrome

Update Chrome to version 63.0.3239.111 or above. This is available on the Google Play Store.

Q: http://localhost is working, but other computers cannot connect via ip

Bash command to start server must use and not localhost. Ensure port 80 is not being blocked by firewall, try another port number if necessary.

Q: Web page does not seem to be working on mobile phone

Ensure browser is not in offline mode. Clear cache if necessary. Check the ip of the audio server to ensure it has not changed.

Q: Home page shows error: "Fatal error: Uncaught Dotenv\Exception\InvalidPathException: Unable to read the environment file at..."

Missing .env file. Make a copy using example file .env.example. Change configuration settings if necessary.