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An online identity management application
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6d is an online identity building application with the focus on real time updates and privacy through decentralization.  Updates can be in the form of pictures, statuses, blog posts, videos, etc. which are then sent to a roster of friends/subscribers.

You can get the latest version on github ( Either by downloading the source (as a zip or tar) or, if you have a github account, forking the project. If you need help, go to to contact us.

I haven't nailed down all the requirements yet. But you have to have mod_rewrite, PHP5+ and sqlite3. It doesn't work on Windows right out of the box. It depends on mod_rewrite so if you want to try it on Windows, you'll have to use WAMP or do some customization to the code.

Due to refactoring the code, installation functionality hasn't been built. Please help if you can. So installation is not for the meek. The sqlite3 database file is not included in source control so that would need to be created and I haven't written code to create it (part of the installation as yet to be written). 

6d is a work in progress. We don't have the kinks worked out and are continually adding features and changing the user interface according to how we guess people will use it. But here's a few things that you can do next:

1. You can create a post that will show up on your web site, just like a blog. The default configuration for the public facing side of a 6d site is a blog. You create posts and make them public and they'll show up on your public facing site. You can take a look at and to get an idea.

2. You can send messages to other people who have 6d sites. There is currently no way to "discover" other 6d sites. We'll be working on that soon. But if you have friends who you can get a 6d site up and running for, then you can add their 6d site to your address book.
 	The address book is the heart of 6d. It's where you store your contacts. When you're logged in, you should see a link that says "addressbook". Clicking on that will take you to the address book so you can start adding people.
	The address book user interface needs work. Groups are planned but not yet implemented.
I'm going to list things that come up when people try to install this.
* Make sure you've read the REQUIREMENTS section above.
* The .htaccess file under the web app root assumes that 6d is installed at the root level. If you run it under a folder like 6d then you need to set the RewriteBase to /6d (RewriteBase /6d) where 6d is the path the app is running under.

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