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// swift-data-model.swift
// json2swift
// Created by Joshua Smith on 10/14/16.
// Copyright © 2016 iJoshSmith. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
struct SwiftStruct {
let name: String
let properties: [SwiftProperty]
let initializer: SwiftInitializer
let failableInitializer: SwiftFailableInitializer
let nestedStructs: [SwiftStruct]
struct SwiftProperty {
let name: String
let type: SwiftType
struct SwiftType {
let name: String
let isOptional: Bool
struct SwiftInitializer {
let parameters: [SwiftParameter]
struct SwiftParameter {
let name: String
let type: SwiftType
struct SwiftFailableInitializer {
let requiredTransformations: [TransformationFromJSON]
let optionalTransformations: [TransformationFromJSON]
enum TransformationFromJSON {
case toCustomStruct( attributeName: String, propertyName: String, type: SwiftStruct)
case toPrimitiveValue( attributeName: String, propertyName: String, type: SwiftPrimitiveValueType)
case toCustomStructArray( attributeName: String, propertyName: String, elementType: SwiftStruct, hasOptionalElements: Bool)
case toPrimitiveValueArray(attributeName: String, propertyName: String, elementType: SwiftPrimitiveValueType, hasOptionalElements: Bool)
enum SwiftPrimitiveValueType {
case int
case double
case date(format: String)
case url
case string
case bool
case any
case emptyArray