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# -*- indented-text -*-

Guildhall is a package manager written for Guile Scheme.
A guild is an association of independent craftspeople. A guildhall is where they
meet. This Guildhall aims to make a virtual space for Guile wizards and 
journeyfolk to share code.

On a practical level, Guildhall lets you share Scheme modules and programs over
the internet, and install code that has been shared by others. Guildhall can
handle dependencies, so when a program requires several libraries, and each
of those has further dependencies, all of the prerequisites for the program
can be installed in one go.

=== Installation ========================================================

Get guile 2.x:

Then get and install guildhall:

    git clone
    cd guildhall
    ./ && ./configure --prefix /usr && make
    sudo make install

Finally add a minimal configuration

    mkdir -p ~/.config/guildhall/
    echo '(repository shift-reset "")' >> ~/.config/guildhall/config.scm

Now you can see the packages with

    guild update
    guild list-packages --all

More options:

    guild --help

For details see docs/installation.texi and docs/quickstart.texi

=== Background ==========================================================

Guildhall is a port of Andreas Rottmanns Dorodango portable package manager for
R6RS Scheme, adapted to better fit in with Guile Scheme environments. 
It is compatible with the R6RS Scheme package archives that Dorodango uses.

dorodango is (intended to be) a package manager for R6RS
implementations. Its main concepts are outlined in this thread:

Any help or feedback is welcome!

=== Aptitude ============================================================

For resolving dependencies, dorodango employs a Scheme "port" of
aptitude's [0] solver. The code is based on aptitude changeset
3258:f952da7ee794, Copyright (C) 2005, 2007-2009, Daniel Burrows,
licensed under the GPL, version 2 or later. dorodango also takes some
inspiration from aptitude's command line user interface, mostly in the
form of similiar wording of messages.

=== License ============================================================

dorodango is is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GNU
GPL), version 3 or later.

See the file COPYING in this distribution for the exact terms of the
GNU GPL, version 3.

=== Footnotes ==========================================================

[0] Aptitude is Debian's high-level package managment tool, written in
    C++; its Mercurial repository can be found at

Andreas Rottmann <>, September 2009