A base for creating R6RS-based "languages"
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# About

This file contains a list of all the filenames exported by the
R6RS Libraries, sorted by which library exports them. It is
intended to serve as a base for creating new (rnrs) equivalents
in the same way as Racket allows you to use "languages" other than
Scheme as the base for your program.

Alternatively, it could be used as a replacement for (rnrs), except
that it also exports the contents of (rnrs eval), (rnrs
mutable-pairs), (rnrs mutable-strings) and (rnrs r5rs).

# Install

The current method of installation is to add the folder to the library
path of your scheme, which is error prone. Or to get it off

# Notes

If a procedure is commented out, it is already exported by a
previously listed library

Note that the procedures in this library that come from (rnrs) are
automatically exported at levels 0 and 1 as (rnrs) exports them at
those levels. It is unfortunate that there is no easy way to do this
with your own code, but it can be done.

Suppose I have a file exporty.sls that exports a foo function
(library (exporty)
(export foo)
(import (rnrs base))
(define (foo)
and a file exporty2.sls with the following code
(library (exporty2)
(export foo)
(import (for (exporty) 0)
        (for (exporty) 1)))

It is my understanding of the R6RS that if you then
(import (exporty2))
in a program then `foo' will be available at levels 0 and 1.

# Contact

If I have missed a procedure or macro when reading through the R6RS or
I have made some other error, please feel free to email me at