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Contents of the src/main/java/inra/ijpb directory

This directory contains various packages, organized according to their functionalities or to the type of images they are working on.

  • algo utilities to propagate events (progression, status change...) during execution of algorithms

  • binary a set of utilities for working on binary images (connected component labeling, distance transform, geodesic distance transform...)

  • data contains various data structure to represent images as well as utility data structures (connectivities, cursors...)

  • label contains utilities for label images (cropping, size opening, remove border labels, etc)

  • math re-implementation of some mathematical operations on images, that can be accessed programmatically (without calling a plugin)

  • measure several classes for extracting quantified parameters from 2D or 3D images

  • morphology a collection of mathematical morphology operators, comprising morphological filtering (opening, closing, dilation, top-hat...), geodesic reconstruction and related operators (hole filling, border killing, extraction of regional and/or extended minima or maxima...), and some utilities for managing label images

  • plugins the set of plugins that is accessible from ImageJ/Fiji Plugins menu

  • segment should contain several segmentation algorithms, but contains only threshold classes for the moment

  • util various utilities, for managing colormaps, or communicating with ImageJ

  • watershed morphological segmentation of grey-level images using watershed algorithm

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