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generate the webp image, make the same hash of original image. For example, vue.e3e41b1.jpg and vue.e3e41b1.jpg.webp exists at the same env.


npm i -D webp-webpack-plugin
// or
yarn add -D webp-webpack-plugin


in the webpack.config.js, the options webp refer to sharp webp options

plugins: [
    new WebPWebpackPlugin({
        match: /(jpe?g|png)$/,
        webp: {
            quality: 80,
            inject: true, // inject the default runtime code
            injectCode: '' // inject your code

WebPWebpackPlugin options

  • match regexp that help plugin match the images need to transform to webp
  • inject default false. When the value is false, not inject the runtime code. The priority level is lower than the option injectCode
  • injectCode default ''. If the value is not empty, the priority level is more than the option inject
  • limit default 0. If the image is smaller than the limit (in bytes) the image will not be transformed to webp
  • checkStrict default false. Check the transformed image rule. If false, use the match options, else limit png, jpeg, jpg suffix image.
  • format default [name].[ext].webp, another is [name].webp. In order to support more names.

tips: the inject runtime code help to replace the image src with webp format.


  • webp transform

change the webpack plugin emit and modify the compilation.assets object, then generate the webp format image with the same hash as the original img src

  • inject runtime code

Thanks to html-webpack-plugin that support event hooks

diff version webpack

diff version webpack comparison and configuration


  • [2017-09-19] inject the code that can replace the img src by support webp and developers can inject your custom code
  • [2017-10-05] add tests, travis, eslint and fix webpack2,3 bugs
  • [2017-11-29] add limit options, if image size is bigger than the limit, transform to webp, else not。
  • [2017-12-09] support two webp format [name].[ext].webp[name].webp