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ESLint configurations for Next.js apps
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ESLint and Prettier configs for Next.js apps

A set of awesome ESLint + Prettier configs. Makes it easier to work with React, NextJS, Node apps.

This package is intended for use with VS Code, however, can be easily used with any text editors.


Local / Per Project

  1. Install eslint-config-nextjs:
npx install-peerdeps --dev eslint-config-nextjs
  1. Create an .eslintrc file in the root of your project's directory. Paste in the following:
  "extends": ["nextjs"]
  1. You're done!

  2. Now you can manually lint your code by running npm run lint and fix all fixable issues with npm run lint:fix. You probably want your editor to do this though.

Global Install

You can avoid the need to do the previous step for each project and install this globally.

  1. Install eslint-config-nextjs:
npx install-peerdeps --dev eslint-config-nextjs
  1. Create a global .eslintrc file on your computer:
  • MacOS location: ~/.eslintrc
  • Windows location: C:\Users\you\.eslintrc

Paste in the follow to newly created .eslintrc:

  "extends": ["nextjs"]

VS Code setup

  1. Install ESLint extension
  2. In VS Code go to settings (⌘Cmd + , or Ctrl + ,) → type in settings.json file → click on Edit in settings.json and paste in the following on the root of the object:
  // Run ESLint each time you save a file
  "editor.codeActionsOnSave": {
      "source.fixAll.eslint": true
  // Disable Prettier for JavaScript and React (but not for HTML, CSS or others in future)
  "prettier.disableLanguages": [

For other editors, you can add the following to your package.json and run it manually:

Similarly you may use add this to VS Code and run it to iterate over the whole project (note that this may take some seconds or few minutes depending on the size of your project).

"scripts": {
  "lint": "eslint .",
  "lint:fix": "eslint . --fix",

To run fix only React/Next.js files add the following:

"scripts": { 
  "lint:fix": "eslint --fix --ext .js,.jsx ."

That's all!

Enjoy the package and feel free to contribute! Pull request or suggestions are most welcome!

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