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Until this is published to a Maven repository, add the following lines to either ~/.sbt/plugins/project/PluginBuild.scala (user-specific) or project/plugins/project/PluginBuild.scala (project-specific):

import sbt._

object MyPlugins extends Build {
  lazy val root = Project("root", file(".")) dependsOn (junitXmlListener)
  lazy val junitXmlListener = uri("git://")

This will add the dependency to the plugin. The next step is to configure your build to output the XML. The following will output the XML in target/test-reports:

testListeners <<= => Seq(new eu.henkelmann.sbt.JUnitXmlTestsListener(t.getAbsolutePath)))

Note that the line as shown is enough in a *.sbt file. In *.scala files (full configuration), you must collect the result of the expression into the settings of all projects that should produce the XML output.

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