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Idea that I have to create a new way of building and deploying my projects
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The following project, is aim to re-think how to build projects. Up until now, most projects uses GNU Make, cmake etc...

The goals of this project is to provide:

  • Define entry points
  • Share information between points
  • Create Pre and Post processing
  • Reusable of code
  • Easy to read and maintain
  • Easy to expand and to be changed based on requirements
  • Reusable instructions and deployment
  • Support multi-threading processing
  • Helping developers to develop and deploy
  • Project language agnostic
  • Control of versionning for dependencies, including Shared Libraries (DSO), and other dependencies
  • Templating of bootstraps
  • File templating
  • Support for Continues Integration
  • Support for automated testing
  • Support for reporting the failure and success
  • Rich library for operation:
    • FTP access
    • VCS support (SVN, GIT, Mercurial)
    • TCP Client
    • HTTP Client
    • System Access
    • Digest/HMAC functions

Important Current status of this project is still on design mode, so nothing here is stable, and everything might change. I check and test stuff to see what works and what does not.


Q. Why a new language? A. I'm creating a language that is dedicated for generating and deploying projects, but that helps to developers to do so, without working hard and guess how stuff will work.

Q. Why not to use Python/Ruby/Lua/Language in order to do so? A. They all have additional requirements that should be added. The aim of this project is to be stand-alone. Only code that the developer writes are the actual dependencies.

Q. We can extend the language, so there are dependencies A. Yes and no.

An expansion of the current build tool, are the same as reusing code, and they are not part of the stdlib or extlib that arrives with the build system language.


The Application is released under MIT license

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