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The following (Neo)Vim configuration is to help me work with programming.

The reason for it, is that I work with many of technologies, some even on the same project.

The main technologies that I'm placing emphases on are:

  • Ruby
  • Go
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript (React/JSX, Vue, es6, es7, babel)
  • Elm
  • XML
  • Rust
  • C
  • Python

There is also support for spelling, thesaurus, language server protocol, better highlighting of actions and a lot more.

Table Of Content


  • vimrc handling
  • Incremental and smart case search
  • Information on trailing whitespace, including cleaning shortcuts
  • Logical and Visual layout (for Right-To-Left languages) editing
  • Tabs expanded to 2 spaces by default, except for Python
  • Keeping the <Leader> key as Backslash
  • Adding XX in edit mode to become alias to the <ESC> key
  • Highlight current row and color column 80
  • Syntax checking
  • Snippets
  • Completion Quotes, parenthesis pairs, etc
  • Extended pair matching with %
  • ASCII and table drawing
  • Fuzzy file, buffer, MRU, tag, etc finder
  • Task list
  • VCS support
  • Tab Completion
  • Commenting
  • History management, including persistent undo
  • Support documentation for programming languages, based on the original (neo)vim documentation engine
    • In-line documentation
    • Support for external documentation using Zeal
  • Reload file when changed from outside
  • Working with error window (a.k.a. quickfix and selection list)
  • Thesaurus, grammer and dictionary spelling
  • Language Server support
  • NeoVim Support


The following commands will clone the repo, symlink ~/.vimrc and update the bundles:

git clone ~/.vim
ln -s ~/.vim/vimrc ~/.vimrc
cd ~/.vim
curl -fLo ~/.vim/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs \

Install plugins from the command line:

vim +PlugUpdate +qa

To add or override settings, place them in ~/.vim/vimrc.local.

To update submodules in the future, when you have vim running, source vimrc to make sure plugins list are updated (or restart vim):



In case you're updating from previous Vundle based to vim-plug, remove the bundle directory as it's not needed anymore, get vim-plug and install the plugins:

cd ~/.vim
rm -rf bundle
curl -fLo ~/.vim/autoload/plug.vim --create-dirs \
vim +PlugUpdate +qa



Command Description
Wr Save current buffer using sudo
HTem Open Horizontal terminal in NeoVim
VTerm Open Vertical terminal in NeoVim
FormatJSON Format a given JSON buffer
GenerateUUID Generate UUID and insert it to current cursor position
RebaseSquash Perform a pick strategy for squash on rebase in GIT
CloseOthers Close all windows and tabs but the current active one



Key Description
\\ <Leader> (as a default)
jj <ESC> on insert mode
<leader>+r Load .vimrc
<leader>+R Reload vim
K Show documentation under the cursor
<leader>w Fast save current file (will not work on a buffer without file name)
<c-J> / <c-Down> Navigate window / terminal - go down
<c-K> / <c-Up> Navigate window / terminal- go up
<c-H> / <c-Left> Navigate window / terminal- go left
<c-L> / <c-Right> Navigate window / terminal- go right
<c-W> Window functions on insert mode as well
- / + Resize horizontal splits
<alt-,> / <alt-.> Resize vertical splits
<F2> Close (but not delete) current buffer
<leader>d Delete current buffer
<leader>D Delete current buffer, but keep the split (switch to prev buffer)
<leader>S Delete trailing whitespace
<F5> Toggle hlsearch
<leader>srln Clear the search register, so the last search is gone
<c-d> / <c-u> Center line when moving up and down half a screen
<Alt-j> Move current line down
<Alt-k> Move current line up
SPT Toggle spelling mode
<leader>sn Move to the next misspelled word
<leader>sp Move to the previous misspelled word
<leader>sa Add misspelled word under the cursor
<leader>s? Open suggestion window
<leader>f1 - <leader>f9 Set fold level between 1 and 9
<leader>m Remove ^M when encoding is messed up (windows)
<leader><leader> Toggle between last two files
<leader>y Copy the current visual selection or current line to ~/tmp/.vbuf file
<leader>p Paste the content of the buffer to ~/tmp/.vbuf file
Y Copy from cursor to the end of the line
gp visual reselect of what was yanked
<leader>ff Display all keywords under the cursor and prompt to go for one of them
<leader>erf Goto First error message
<leader>erl Goto last error message
<leader>ern Go to next error message
<leader>erp Go to prev error message
<leader>erc Close quickfix error window
<leader>err Rewind quickfix result position, and open the first result
<leader>erw Open new error window if error exists
<leader>erlw Open new error window with location list if error exists
<leader>erln Go to n next error message on location list
<leader>erlp Go to n prev error message on location list
<leader>erlf Go to first location list error window
<leader>erll Go to last location list error window
<leader>erlc Close location list error window
<leader>erlr Rewind location list error window
q Close quickfix windows
<leader>q Close all windows except active one
<c-f> Print full path
<leader><c-w> Exit diff mode
<leader>hc Toggle view of hidden chars
<leader>wrp Toggle wrap mode
<leader>srt Sort numbers in paragraph/selection
<c-PageDown> Go to next tab
<c-PageUp> Go to prev tab
<C-O> Set :tabnew command and wait for a name to be placed
<C-T> Open new tab
<S-Tab> Execute :retab to set thw whole buffer at the same whitespace type
<leader>T Open new terminal in NeoVim
<leader>rel Toggle between normal and relative numbers
<leader>curr Toggle cursor row indicator
<leader>curc Toggle cursor column indicator
<ALT+d> / <leader>bfn Toggle between open buffers goto next buffer
<ALT+a> / <leader>bfp Toggle between open buffers goto prev buffer
<SPACE>x Delete next buffer
<leader>sr" Surround a word with "
<leader>sr' Surround a word with '
<leader>sr` Surround a word with `
<leader>sr( Surround a word with (), going to beginning of a word. if already there, going to the previous word
<leader>sr) Surround a word with (), from cursor location to the end of the word
<leader>sr[ Surround a word with [], going to beginning of a word. if already there, going to the previous word
<leader>sr] Surround a word with [], from cursor location to the end of the word
<leader>sr{ Surround a word with {}, going to beginning of a word. if already there, going to the previous word
<leader>sr} Surround a word with {}, from cursor location to the end of the word

Right To Left

Key Description
<F8> Toggle visual order editing
<F9> Toggle logical order editing

VCS (General)

Key Description
<leader>vcsfc Find merge conflict markers


Key Description
<c-j> Go to next error reported by ALE
<c-k> Go to prev error reported by ALE


Key Description
<m-F11> Toggle BufExplorer


Key Description
<leader>gitb git blame
<leader>gitc git commit
<leader>gitvd vertical git diff
<leader>git/ git grep
<leader>git? git status
<leader>gitps git push
<leader>gitpl git pull
<leader>gitft git fetch
<leader>gitw git add current file
<leader>gitlg git log -L
<leader>gitdel git rm
<leader>gitbr open current buffer in remote location using web browser
<leader>gitbc Prompts for creating new branch (checkout -B)


Key Description
]h Next gutter change under cursor
[h Prev gutter change under cursor
<leader>giths Gutter set stage under cursor
<leader>githu Gutter undo non staged lines under cursor
<leader>githv Gutter Preview changes under cursor


Key Description
<leader>gitv Display changes in new tab
<leader>gitV Display changes on new split
<leader>gitD Display git diff


Key Description
<c-y>, Complete current tags and snippets


Key Description
<F3> Toggle NerdTree

Python mode

Key Description
[[ Jump to previous class or function (normal, visual, operator modes)
]] Jump to next class or function (normal, visual, operator modes)
[M Jump to previous class or method (normal, visual, operator modes)
]M Jump to next class or method (normal, visual, operator modes)
aC Select a class. Ex: vaC, daC, yaC, caC (normal, operator modes)
iC Select inner class. Ex: viC, diC, yiC, ciC (normal, operator modes)
aM Select a function or method. Ex: vaM, daM, yaM, caM (normal, operator modes)
iM Select inner function or method. Ex: viM, diM, yiM, ciM (normal, operator modes)
<C-C>g Go to object definition
<C-c>rr Rename classes, functions, modules, packages, methods, variables and keyword arguments
<C-c>r1r Rename current module
<C-c>ro Organize imports sorts imports, too. It does that according to PEP8. Unused imports will be dropped.
<C-c>ra Insert import for current word under cursor
<C-c>r1p Convert current module to package
<C-c>rm / <C-c>rl Extract method/variable from selected lines.
<C-c>ru Try to find the places in which a function can be used and changes the code to call it instead
<C-c>rv When a refactoring needed for methods of a class. In this refactoring, a method of a class is moved to the class of one of its attributes. The old method will call the new method. If you want to change all of the occurrences of the old method to use the new method you can inline it afterwards.
<C-c>rs Change function signature


Key Description
g/ Look at all files from current position and sub directories
g* Look at all files from current position and sub directories force the print of directories if not printed
ga Look at all files from current position and sub directories, append errors


Key Description
<F4> Toggle Tagbar


Key Description
[num]<leader>cc Comment out current line(s)
[num]<leader>cu Uncomment current line(s)


Key Description
<c-tab> / <c-j> List snippets foreword
<s-tab> / <c-k> List snippets backward


Key Description
<leader>undo Toggle undo tree


Key Description
<c-l> Auto fix Javascript using eslint


Key Description
<leader>godoc Create Godoc comment
<leader>gos Show a list of interfaces which implemented by the type under your cursor
<leader>goi Show type info for the word under your cursor
<leader>goh Open godoc horizontal
<leader>gov Open godoc vertical
<leader>gobd Open godoc browser
<leader>goa Switch between test and source files
<leader>got Add default tags to struct (e.g. JSON)
<leader>goT Opens a command for GoAddTags allowing to place the needed tag names
<leader>gov Goto declaration/definition, in a vertical window
<leader>gos Goto declaration/definition, in a horizontal window
<leader>gol Go meta linter
<leader>gob Build go project
<leader>got Execute Go tests
<leader>gor Execute Go project
<leader>goe Execute Go install
<leader>goc Execute test covers
<leader>go<c-l> Execute all possilbe linters


Key Description
<leader>gitB Toggle twiggy


Key Description
<leader>sjj Join lines
<leader>sjs Split lines


key Description
<leader>rbt Execute current spec file
<leader>rbs Execute nearest spec file
<leader>rbl Execute last spec file
<leader>rba Execute all spec files
<leader>dbg Add require pry; binding.pry to the current location


key Description
<leader>far Call Far command

vim Conflicted

Key Description
dgu diffget from the upstream version
dgl diffget from the local version


Name Description
molokai Molokai color scheme
BadWolf Bad Wolf (Doctor Who's Rose) color scheme
Code Dark Code Dark color scheme
Dev Icons Dev icon fonts for file types
Airline Airline display of status bar, and buffers
Airline themes Themes for airline
Powerline Fonts Developent fonts symbols
tmux line status line support for tmux when vim connected
Highlight Yank Highlight the content that was yanked for few seconds
Semantic Highlight Semantic highlight Where every variable is a different color
Polyglot Additional syntax highlight support
Editor configuration Set VIM configuration per project
Language Client Language Server Protocol (LSP) support for vim and neovim
ALE Asynchronous Lint Engine
Session manager Continuously updated VIM's session files
Projectionist Granular project configuration using 'projections'
Fugitive API and tools to support GIT
Gitv Visualize GIT like gitk
gitgutter Git gutter, marks file changes based on git diff
Gv Fast and simple GIT log, simpler then gitv, with less features, for fast history, without additional requirements
Twiggy GIT branch manager
Rhubarb Github hub support for Fugitive
Mercurial Basic Mercurial support for vim inspired by Fugitive
nerdcommenter Add/Remove block of comments based on supported language
VIM-Addon-MW-Utils vim: interpret a file by function and cache file automatically - A requirement by other plugins
Tlib-VIM Some utility functions for VIM - A requirement by other plugins
NerdTree File explorer for VIM
NerdTree GIT Display GIT state on a file inside NerdTree
CtrlP Fuzzy file finder from buffer, MRU, tag, directories and more
CtrlP Funky Function navigation for CtrlP
BufExplorer Buffer manager for VIM
FZF Fuzzy finder
FZF-VIM Better FZF support for VIM
Denite.vim A common extensible interface for searching and displaying lists of information from within NeoVim/Vim. Still experimental in my code
Clever-F Extended f, F, t and T key mappings for Vim
VIM-Rails Support for working on Rails based on open files
VIM-Bundler Support bundler management