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#!/usr/bin/env python2
import os
import sys
import fdb
import logging
import atexit
import traceback
import ConfigParser
def init_config() :
"""Initialize config file"""
home = os.path.expanduser('~')
config_dir = 'config'
if == 'posix' :
config_dir = '.%s' % (config_dir)
conf = os.path.join(home, config_dir, 'pyquotes', 'settings.conf')
config_dir = os.path.dirname(conf)
if not os.path.exists(config_dir) :
config = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
return config, conf
(CONFIG, CONFIG_FILE) = init_config()
def save_config_file(config = CONFIG, name = CONFIG_FILE) :
with open(name, 'wb') as conf :
def set_config(section, value, content, config = CONFIG) :
if not config.has_section(section) :
config.set(section, value, content)
def get_config(section, value, default=None, config = CONFIG) :
"""Get a configuration settings"""
# section does not exists
if not config.has_section(section) :
set_config(section, value, default, config)
return default
# option does not exists
if not config.has_option(section, value) :
set_config(section, value, default, config)
return default
# everything there ...
return config.get(section, value, default)
def init_logger() :
"""initialize the logger"""
# readability over everything else !
# <- Really ?
# I'm an Object Pascal developer, and that's how we do things,
# even our editors/ide support this :P
logger = logging.getLogger('convert_quotes')
# place output to file
cur_log = os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'log', 'convert.log')
log_file = get_config('main', 'logfile', cur_log)
handler = logging.FileHandler(log_file)
formatter = logging.Formatter(('[%(asctime)s - %(levelname)s] '
# place output to screen
ch = logging.StreamHandler()
ch_format = logging.Formatter('%(levelname)s\t%(message)s')
return logger
LOGGER = init_logger()'Entering')
QUOTES_FILE = get_config('main', 'quote_file',
os.path.join(os.getcwd(), 'quotes.txt'))
SEPARATOR = '----'
def init_db(logger = LOGGER) :
"""initialize the database connection
raised an fdb.DatabaseError if database error"""
db_name = get_config('main', 'db_name', 'quotes')
db_host = get_config('main', 'db_host', '')
db_user = get_config('main', 'db_user', 'sysdba')
db_pass = get_config('main', 'db_pass', 'masterkey')
try :
con = fdb.connect(
dsn = ':'.join((db_host, db_name)),
user = db_user,
password = db_pass
)'Connected to the database')
except fdb.DatabaseError as e :
logger.critical('Database connection error: %s', e)
raise e
return con
def finalize(db_connection, logger=LOGGER) :
"""close the database connection"""
if not db_connection.closed :'Closing database connection')
else :
logger.error('The database connection is already closed')
def iter_quotes(quotes_file = QUOTES_FILE, logger = LOGGER) :
"Walks over the quotes file, yields (quote, author) tuples for each quote"
with open(quotes_file) as f:
quote = []
for line in f:
if line.rstrip() != SEPARATOR : # not end of quote
else : # end of quote
if not quote : # quote is empty ?
# try to extract the author if exists
if quote[-1].startswith(AUTHOR_MARK) :
author = quote.pop().strip()
else : # mark it as none it was not found
author = None
str_quote = ''.join(quote).rstrip()
if author :
logger.debug('About to work on quote "%s" by "%s"',
str_quote, author
else :
logger.debug('About to work on quote "%s" with no author',
# extract it for an external handler
yield str_quote, author
quote = []
def insert_author(con, cursor, author, logger=LOGGER) :
"""insert the author to the database"""
try :
logger.debug('About to insert author (%s) into the db', author)
cursor.execute('insert into quote_authors(AUTHOR) values(?)',
except fdb.DatabaseError as e :
# usually means that the author already exists in the db ...'Could not insert author (%s): %s', author, e)
return False
return True
def find_author_id(con, cursor, author, logger=LOGGER) :
"""Locate the author ID and return it"""
author_id = None
try :
logger.debug('About to get the author (%s) id', author)
cursor.execute('select id from quote_authors where author=?',
author_id = cursor.fetchone()[0]
logger.debug('Author (%s) id : %d', author, author_id)
except fdb.DatabaseError as e : # could not get the author id'Could not find author (%s): %s', author, e)
return author_id
def handle_author_db(con, cursor, author, authors_ids, logger=LOGGER) :
"""work on the author side of the quote"""
author_id = None
if author :
if authors_ids.has_key(author) :
return authors_ids[author]
logger.debug('Author (%s) does not have a known id', author)
insert_author(con, cursor, author, logger)
author_id = find_author_id(con, cursor, author, logger)
if author_id :
logger.debug('working with the id for author (%s) : %d',
author, author_id)
if not authors_ids.has_key(author) :
logger.debug('Add to authors_ids an new author: %s=%d',
author, author_id)
authors_ids[author] = author_id
else :
logger.debug('The author (%s) already exist at authors_ids',
else :
logger.error('ID is empty, author (%s) was not created ?!', author)
else : # if author
logger.debug('Author is not set')
return author_id
def insert_to_db(con, quote, author, authors_ids, logger=LOGGER) :
"""Insert quotes to the database"""
# open database cursor to make actions such as select and insert
cursor = con.cursor()
try :
author_id = handle_author_db(con, cursor, author,authors_ids, logger)
if author_id :
logger.debug('Have author_id of %d', author_id)
else :
logger.debug('We do not have author_id')
except Exception as e:
logger.debug('Could not get the author id (due to exception): %s',
author_id = None
try :
logger.debug('Going to insert quote ("%s") to db', quote)
cursor.execute(('insert into quotes(body, author_ref) '
'values(?, ?)'), (quote, author_id))
logger.debug('Going to commit everything')
except fdb.DatabaseError as e : # could not execute query or commit
logger.error('Could not insert quote: %s', e)
return False
return True
def run(con, logger = LOGGER) :
"""The main execution loop"""
LOGGER.debug('Starting to parse file:')
counter = 0
authors_ids = {}
for quote, author in iter_quotes():
if not insert_to_db(con, quote, author, authors_ids) :
logger.critical('Could not insert quote ("%s") to database', quote)
sys.exit(('Could not insert quote ("{0}")'
'to database').format(quote))
counter += 1
logger.debug('Done parsing file. Total quotes: %d', counter)
if __name__ == '__main__' :
if not os.path.exists(QUOTES_FILE) :
LOGGER.critical('The file %s was not found', QUOTES_FILE)
sys.exit('Error: The file {0} was not found'.format(QUOTES_FILE))
else :
LOGGER.debug('Found the quote file')
LOGGER.debug('Starting the initialization ...')
con = init_db()
atexit.register(finalize, con)
try :
except Exception as e:
LOGGER.critical('Unexpected exception was raised: %s',