Ruby based REST debugger using Sinatra Web User Interface
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REST Web User Interface

The following project was created in order to help debug and check REST based API.

The system itself provide a self test mechanisem for some of the supported requests.

How it works ?

The main get request (that is /) provides a user interface that allow to choose the method, full address, parameters, mime type and body to send.

After sending the information, the data that is returned is printed in the user interface fields, and allow you to get all the proper information back.

Self Test

The system provide simple self test mechanisem that allow to do GET, POST, PUT and DELETE requests, supporting "regular" mime types, json and XML.

The PUT and DELETE must have an id of some sort in order to work:

Existed checks:

  • /test_plain
  • /test_json
  • /test_xml

If you pass parameters for them, then the parameters will be returned


The project is released under the MIT license