for using the VoiceText Web API in Powershell.
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for using the VoiceText Web API beta for PowerShell.

Set Execution Policy

run the following command as Administrator.

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Module Import

PowerShell 3.0- ( Win8 - )

make one of the following directory, and put Invoke-VoiceTextWebAPI.psm1

C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\Invoke-VoiceTextWebAPI\Invoke-VoiceTextWebAPI.psm1

PowerShell - 2.0 ( Win7 and other old Windows OS )

run the following in addition to the PS 3.0-

Import-Module Invoke-VoiceTextWebAPI


PS C:\> Invoke-VoiceTextWebAPI -APIKey [YourAPIKey]: -Text いかの足10本! -OutFile C:\ika.wav -Speaker hikari -Emotion anger -EmotionLevel 2 -Pitch 125 -Speed 125 -Volume 125


Copyright (c) 2014 ikaikaika. Licensed under the MIT license.