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Talkinator is an easy to use text-to-speech-app for Windows 10-devices
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Talkinator is an easy to use text-to-speech-app for Windows 10-devices that was originally made in a lost afternoon. Now, it became bigger and better, with the ability to export your spoken text to soundfiles and by becoming completely open-source.

Get the app

You can download the app itself from here:

Or you can build and learn from it yourself by downloading or forking this project

Supported Windows versions

For modern Talkinator rewrite: Minimal 16299 (Fall Creators Update)

For classic Talkinator: Anything from 14393 (Anniversary Update) and up if you remove the Acrylic backgrounds

Currently supported systems:

  • Windows 10 Desktop ✔
  • Windows 10 Mobile ✔
  • Windows 10 Team ✔
  • Windows 10 Holographic
  • Windows 10 Xbox ✔

Building the app

You can download the project so you can tinker around with it yourself. There are two projects in the solution:

  • Talkinator.UWP.Classic --> The original (messy) source code
  • Talkinator.UWP --> A rewrite of the code in MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel). This will also be the base of the app for future updates and additions

Support me

Like this project? Buy me a coffee:

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