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Ikaros ReadMe

This is the public distribution of the Ikaros kernel together with a number of functional modules. This version is mainly intended for potential developers and not for more general use. The current distribution includes versions for OS X and Linux.

To install, follow the installation instructions

Documentation can be found on the web site:

For important changes in Ikaros 2.0 see the link below:

Changes in Ikaros 2.0

The Ikaros Project

The Ikaros projected started in early 2001 and its goal is to develop an open infrastructure for system level modeling of the brain including databases of experimental data, computational models and functional brain data. The system makes heavy use of the emerging standards for Internet based information and makes all information accessible through an open web-based interface.

The main components of the IKAROS systems are:

  • A platform independent simulation kernel
  • A set of computational brain models
  • A set of I/O modules for interfacing with data files and peripheral such as robots or video cameras
  • Tools for building systems of interconnected models
  • A plug-in architecture that allows new models to be added to the system
  • A database with data from learning experiments that can be used for validation of the computational models.

Further information on the project can be found at:


This software can be downloaded from GitHub:

IKAROS is distributed under the GNU GPL licence. See the file Licence.txt for further information.


Christian Balkenius


An open infrastructure for system level brain modeling




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