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Build Status

Problem Domain

Contributor Best Practices

  1. Ensure logging output from performing mvn clean install is kept to an absolute minimum, as we have a 4MB limit on log output on our ci builds.
  2. Ensure the max log level is INFO for all code
  3. Likewise hibernate.show_sql should always be false
  4. If adding a new component do add a page to explain its configuration and use
  5. For each new component ensure this is demonstrated in a sample module / flow.

Using Eclipse

  1. Install the latest version of eclipse
  2. Launch eclipse and install the m2e plugin, make sure it uses your repo configs (get it from: or install "Maven Integration for Eclipse" from the Eclipse Marketplace)
  3. In eclipse preferences Java->Code Style, import the cleanup, templates, and formatter configs in ikasaneip/ikasan-developer/eclipse in the ikasanEIP repository.
  4. In eclipse preferences Java->Code Style->Code Templates enable the "Automatically add comments" checkbox to ensure the standard copyright notice gets added at the top of classes.
  5. Also in code template under Comments -> Types ensure you add your name to the @author tag
  6. In eclipse preferences Java->Editor->Save Actions enable "Additional Actions"
  7. Use import on the root pom.xml which will pull in all modules
  8. Wait (m2e takes awhile on initial import)
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