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== v0.9.8 (建設中)
== v0.9.7 (26-auf-2010)
=== Major changes:
* It could prove a hassle to use the block idiom of or Tag.new_child when handling another
set of data. Therefore, if the given block takes a (not-optional) parameter, the context remains
the context of the calling code.
class Elephant
def initialize
@weight = 1000
def to_sdl"elephant") do |tag|
tag.set_attribute("weight", @weight)
tag << "I love pink ones."
puts # ==> elephant "I love pink ones." weight=1000
* Tag.to_xml_string() has been refactor to take an option Hash (backward incompatible):
[:line_prefix] a text prefixing each line (default: "")
[:uri_by_namespace] a Hash giving the URIs for the namespaces
[:indent] text specifying one indentation (default: "\t")
[:eol] end of line expression (default: "\n")
if true, null/nil attributes are not exported (default: false). Otherwise, they are exported
as follows:
tag attr="null"
* Fixed the parsing of line continuations with anti-slashes.
* Fixed the parsing of double-quoted strings. It is better at detecting badly formed strings, now.
* Fixed the reporting of lines and columns in errors.
Although the column might be slightly off sometimes, the line should be correct.
=== Minor changes:
* The RDoc is now generated with the template Hanna[].
* Tag.<< now behaves with Enumerables (except Strings) as it does with Arrays.
== v0.9.6 (10-aug-2010)
=== Major changes:
* Tag.set_attribute(): fixed as it failed if the value was nil.
* Tag.write(): now returns the given output (especially necessary if a String was given).
* Tag.write(): fixed as it failed when writing children without including the root Tag.
* Tag.write(): it is now possible to give a StringIO as an output
== v0.9.5 (8-aug-2010)
=== Major changes:
* Fixes in order to make SDL4R work in Ruby 1.9 (mainly concerning encodings and dates).
* Commented out debug code (writing to files) inside sdl4r_test.rb.
=== Minor changes:
* General & contact info in the README
== v0.9.4 (6-aug-2010)
=== Major changes:
* The use of BigDecimal (standard) has been preferred to Flt::DecNum.
* "sdl4r/sdl.rb" has been renamed to "sdl4r/sdl4r.rb"
* A sdl4r.rb has been added so that users can actually write (as the documentation pretended):
require 'sdl4r'
* SDL4R#coerce_or_fail has been implemented, which means that random objects cannot be added to a
Tag as before. Rational instances are coerced using Rational#to_f.
* Added usual time methods to SdlTimeSpan: day(), hour(), min(), sec(), usec()
== v0.9.3
=== Major changes
* Tag: any method that use to take namespace/name parameters now follows the natural order
"namespace" and then "name": "ns1", "tag1"
WARNING: this was the contrary before!!!
Also, the "recursive" parameter should always be at the first place now.
* It is now possible to override SDL4R::new_date_time in order to create Time instances when parsing
rather than DateTime instances.