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[x] Is Base64 really compatible with the format defined in the Java version ?
==> Seems so after having implemented more of the standard tests.
[ ] Add more unit tests
[x] Attribute tests
[x] Date tests
[x] Date + time test
[x] Time zone tests
[x] Number literal tests
[x] Strings literals (especially with line continuations)
[x] Sub tags tests
[x] "null" value test
[x] Comment tests
[ ] Bad syntax tests
[ ] Test write (unit tests)
[ ] Dates
[ ] Numbers
[A] Use YARD in order to generate documentation ?
==> alternatively, I tried to generate some RDoc templates but none worked in Rake...
[ ] BUG: the line number is too high by 1 (the column is correct).
[/] Fix the differences between test_basic_types.sdl and what is generated from the parsed structure
[x] chars
[x] longs
[x] doubles
[x] decimals
[x] booleans
[x] null
[x] dates
[x] times
[x] negative times
[x] datetimes
[/] zone codes
==> Time only works in UTC, which means that the original zone code is lost.
==> DateTime doesn't give the zone code but only the offset.
[ ] Use TzTime? Use a custom object that knows whether a time zone was specified?
==> along with TzInfo:
[ ] See how Ruby floats relate to Java floats and doubles.
[ ] Add tests for the SDL class
[ ] Allow unicode characters in identifiers.
[ ] FUTURE: It might be useful to allow people to replace the standard types by their own. This
could be useful for dates or numbers, for instance.
[N] To install a gem in the Netbeans gems repository, it needs to run as an administrator.
Otherwise, it fails silently.
[ ] FUTURE: Consider being able to read text files that are not UTF-8(?)
[ ] BUG: the report on the line no in errors is off by 1 (at least in some cases)
[x] Return copies or original arrays in Tag?
==> we return the implementation Arrays or Hashes (or whatever) for efficiency.
However, we ask the users not to assume anything as we might protect the returned objects in
the future.
[ ] Tag.hash: the implementation is not very efficient.
==> Difficult to make better and still simple
==> Maybe possible when it's frozen.
[ ] FUTURE: xpath, ypath ==> sdlpath(?)
[ ] FUTURE: evenemential parsing(?)
[ ] FUTURE: add a way to insert a tag after or before another(?)
[ ] FUTURE: allow some way of generating YAML(?)
[ ] FUTURE: allow to turn a YAML structure into a SDL one(?)
[ ] BUG: "rake package" tries to archive the contents twice: once with the command that I configure
in Rakefile, once with a zip command that can't work on my machine (zip is not installed). Why?
At least, the first archive is created and seems correct.
[ ] FUTURE: Would we need a "write" method in SDL4R?
[x] Add tests and release a RC or beta version
[x] Make the methods of Tag that take a block have a better yield doc/completion
==> I added :yields: RDoc directives, which doesn't look like it's helping but I guess that's
all I can do for now.
[N] Never call a class "Test" => it can easily conflict with the "Test" module of Test::Unit and
then, it becomes quite difficult to understand why.
[ ] Input relevant URLs on
[x] What prevents from doing the following?
tag.values <<"toto.txt")
==> It doesn't break the behavior as long as the value type is OK. Even if it is not allowed,
it still is not too bad.
[x] Look at the returned values of method who do not have their return values documented e.g.
==> Minor change: we return nil for the methods were nothing was really returned explicitely
(for the time being).
[x] If there is any success, maybe create/recreate the Rubyforge site for the support.
[ ] Should we allow to create a Tag without a name (== "content") for anonymous Tags?
[x] It would be cool to be able to write this: "toto" do |tag|
tag << 123
==> We can detect whether there is an argument or not.
Note that instance_eval() doesn't allow to pass parameters right now.
[ ] Add latest doc access to RubyForge:
==> Rake task?
[x] Is it right to translate the SDL
into the XML
Should we remove the attribute altogether? Check the Java version => same in Java
==> Maybe provide an options Hash in to_xml_string():
:uri_by_namespace => {...} (breaks the old interface)
:hide_null_attributes => true|false
[x] Where we accept Arrays (operator <<, for instance), let's accept Enumerable or something like
[ ] Implement the [] operator in order to access attributes:
["attr"] <=> attribute("attr")
["ns:attr"] <=> attribute("ns", "attr") (should we allow this?)
["ns", "attr"] <=> attribute("ns", "attr")
Should we allow attribute("ns:attr")?
[ ] IDEA: marshaller? easy object <=> SDL read/write?
[ ] Check the coverage and make the tests better.
[ ] IDEA: add an option to the XML export allowing to write anonymous nodes as XML tag content?
[ ] IDEA: add an option to the XML export allowing to export without formatting?
[x] BUG: line continuation is not handled properly (skipping chars etc).
[ ] BUG: the rake task 'gen_rubyforge' doesn't work under 1.9 (only 1.8.7)
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