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Client for interacting with Bomberman HTTP API. For more information visit
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This is a Node.js package for the Bomberman HTTP API.

Bomberman: shelter from profanity bombing, is an add-on for Heroku applications. If you would like to be part of the alpha or early beta testing process please email

For detailed instructions on installing the addon to your Heroku application please see our add-on documentation page

Installing via NPM

Install bomberman-node via npm.

$ npm install bomberman

If you are using the Bomberman Heroku addon, please uncomment line 11 of lib/client.js.

Once installed, create an instance of the client in your Node.js code.

var Client = require('bomberman');

var client = Client("your api key");

Checking if Text Contains Profanity

To check if a piece of text or corpus contains profanity use the .isProfane(corpus, [language,] callback) method. The callback should take a parameter that is true if the string is profane and false otherwise.

client.isProfane("What the heck?", function(response) {
    // response is false.

client.isProfane("What the hell?", function(response) {
    //response is true

Censoring Profane Words & Phrases

If you would like to save or display text where the profane words (if any) are obfuscated, use .censor(corpus, [replacement_text, [language,]] callback).

client.censor("What the hell", "CENSORED", function(response) {
    // response is "What the CENSORED"

The replacement_text parameter is a string and optional. "***" is used by default.

client.censor("What the hell", function(response) {
    // response is "What the ***"

Highlighting Profane Words & Phrases

Sometimes it is useful to leave the original profane word/phrase intact but wrap it in some sort of tag to make it stand out. This can be accomplished with the .highlight(corpus, [start_tag, end_tag, [language,]], callback) method.

client.highlight("What the hell", "<blink>", "</blink>", function(response) {
   // response is "What the <blink>hell</blink>"

The start and end tag parameters are optional, but a end_tag should be provided if a start tag is provided. The <strong> tag will be used if they are not provided.

client.highlight("What the hell", function(response) {
    // response is "What the <strong>hell</strong>"

Checking Japanese Text for Profanity.

Bomberman supports for checking Japanese text for profanity. To do this pass an optional language argument with the value "ja" as the language parameter to the above methods.

client.isProfane("聖パトリックの日", "ja", function(response) {
    // response is false

For more info on customizing Bomberman please refer to the add-on documentation.


We are just starting out. If you experience trouble please contact us at


Given the early stage of this project we are open to comments & suggestions for this library please send them to

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