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The socketio package is a simple abstraction layer for different web browser-
supported transport mechanisms. It is fully compatible with the
Socket.IO client side JavaScript socket API library by LearnBoost Labs
(, but through custom codecs it might fit other client
implementations too.
It (together with the LearnBoost's client-side libraries) provides an easy way for
developers to access the most popular browser transport mechanism today:
multipart- and long-polling XMLHttpRequests, HTML5 WebSockets and
forever-frames. The socketio package works hand-in-hand with the standard
http package by plugging itself into a configurable ServeMux. It has an callback-style
API for handling connection events. The callbacks are:
- SocketIO.OnConnect
- SocketIO.OnDisconnect
- SocketIO.OnMessage
Other utility-methods include:
- SocketIO.ServeMux
- SocketIO.Broadcast
- SocketIO.BroadcastExcept
- SocketIO.GetConn
- Conn.Send
Each new connection will be automatically assigned an unique session id and
using those the clients can reconnect without losing messages: the server
persists clients' pending messages (until some configurable point) if they can't
be immediately delivered. All writes through Conn.Send by design asynchronous.
Finally, the actual format on the wire is described by a separate Codec.
The default codecs (SIOCodec and SIOStreamingCodec) are compatible with the
LearnBoost's Socket.IO client.
For example, here is a simple chat server:
package main
import (
func main() {
sio := socketio.NewSocketIO(nil)
sio.OnConnect(func(c *socketio.Conn) {
sio.Broadcast(struct{ announcement string }{"connected: " + c.String()})
sio.OnDisconnect(func(c *socketio.Conn) {
struct{ announcement string }{"disconnected: " + c.String()})
sio.OnMessage(func(c *socketio.Conn, msg socketio.Message) {
struct{ message []string }{[]string{c.String(), msg.Data()}})
mux := sio.ServeMux()
mux.Handle("/", http.FileServer("www/", "/"))
if err := http.ListenAndServe(":8080", mux); err != nil {
log.Fatal("ListenAndServe:", err)
package socketio
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