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package socketio
// The different message types that are available.
const (
// MessageText is interpreted just as a string.
MessageText = iota
// MessageJSON is interpreted as a JSON encoded string.
// MessageHeartbeat is interpreted as a heartbeat.
// MessageHeartbeat is interpreted as a heartbeat.
// MessageDisconnect is interpreted as a forced disconnection.
// Heartbeat is a server-invoked keep-alive strategy, where
// the server sends an integer to the client and the client
// must respond with the same value during some short period.
type heartbeat int
// Disconnect is a message that indicates a forced disconnection.
type disconnect int
// Handshake is the first message that is going to be sent to the
// client when it first connects. It is made of the server-generated
// session id.
type handshake string
// Message wraps heartbeat, messageType and data methods.
// Heartbeat returns the heartbeat value encapsulated in the message and an true
// or if the message does not encapsulate a heartbeat a false is returned.
// MessageType returns messageText, messageHeartbeat or messageJSON.
// Data returns the raw (full) message received.
type Message interface {
heartbeat() (heartbeat, bool)
Annotations() map[string]string
Annotation(string) (string, bool)
Data() string
Bytes() []byte
Type() uint8
JSON() ([]byte, bool)