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package socketio
import (
var (
// ErrNotConnected is used when some action required the connection to be online,
// but it wasn't.
ErrNotConnected = os.NewError("not connected")
// ErrConnected is used when some action required the connection to be offline,
// but it wasn't.
ErrConnected = os.NewError("already connected")
emptyResponse = []byte{}
okResponse = []byte("ok")
// DefaultTransports holds the defaults
var DefaultTransports = []Transport{
NewXHRPollingTransport(10e9, 5e9),
NewXHRMultipartTransport(0, 5e9),
NewWebsocketTransport(0, 5e9),
NewHTMLFileTransport(0, 5e9),
NewFlashsocketTransport(0, 5e9),
NewJSONPPollingTransport(0, 5e9),
// Transport is the interface that wraps the Resource and newSocket methods.
// Resource returns the resource name of the transport, e.g. "websocket".
// NewSocket creates a new socket that embeds the corresponding transport
// mechanisms.
type Transport interface {
Resource() string
newSocket() socket
// Socket is the interface that wraps the basic Read, Write, Close and String
// methods. Additionally it has Transport and accept methods.
// Transport returns the Transport that created this socket.
// Accept takes the http.ResponseWriter / http.Request -pair from a http handler
// and hijacks the connection for itself. The third parameter is a function callback
// that will be invoked when the connection has been succesfully hijacked and the socket
// is ready to be used.
type socket interface {
Transport() Transport
accept(http.ResponseWriter, *http.Request, func()) os.Error