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ZMQ 指南

作者: Pieter Hintjens ph@imatix.com, CEO iMatix Corporation.
翻译: 张吉 jizhang@anjuke.com, 安居客集团 好租网工程师

With thanks to Bill Desmarais, Brian Dorsey, CAF, Daniel Lin, Eric Desgranges, Gonzalo Diethelm, Guido Goldstein, Hunter Ford, Kamil Shakirov, Martin Sustrik, Mike Castleman, Naveen Chawla, Nicola Peduzzi, Oliver Smith, Olivier Chamoux, Peter Alexander, Pierre Rouleau, Randy Dryburgh, John Unwin, Alex Thomas, Mihail Minkov, Jeremy Avnet, Michael Compton, Kamil Kisiel, Mark Kharitonov, Guillaume Aubert, Ian Barber, Mike Sheridan, Faruk Akgul, Oleg Sidorov, Lev Givon, Allister MacLeod, Alexander D'Archangel, Andreas Hoelzlwimmer, Han Holl, Robert G. Jakabosky, Felipe Cruz, Marcus McCurdy, Mikhail Kulemin, Dr. Gergő Érdi, Pavel Zhukov, Alexander Else, Giovanni Ruggiero, Rick "Technoweenie", Daniel Lundin, Dave Hoover, Simon Jefford, Benjamin Peterson, Justin Case, Devon Weller, Richard Smith, Alexander Morland, Wadim Grasza, Michael Jakl, and Zed Shaw for their contributions, and to Stathis Sideris for [http://www.ditaa.org Ditaa].

Please use the [$(GIT)/issues issue tracker] for all comments and errata. This version covers the latest stable release of 0MQ and was published on &date("ddd d mmmm, yyyy").

The Guide is mainly [/page:all in C], but also in [/php:all PHP] and [/lua:all Lua].

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.