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Papers about deep learning ordered by task, date. Current state-of-the-art papers are labelled.
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Deep Learning Papers by task

Papers about deep learning ordered by task, date. Current state-of-the-art papers and papers useful for getting started are labelled. For each paper there is a permanent link, which is either to or to a copy of the original paper in this repository.

Table of Contents

  1. Text

    1.1. Code Generation

    1.2. Sentiment Analysis

    1.3. Translation

    1.4. Summarization

    1.5. Classification

  2. Visual

    2.1. Gaming

    2.2. Style Transfer

    2.3. Tracking

    2.4. Image Segmentation

    2.5. Text (in the Wild) Recognition

    2.6. Brain Computer Interfacing

    2.7. Self-Driving Cars

    2.8. Object Recognition

    2.9. Logo Recognition

    2.10. Super Resolution

    2.11. Pose Estimation

    2.12. Image Captioning

    2.13. Image Compression

    2.14. Image Synthesis

    2.15. Face Recognition

  3. Audio

    3.1. Audio Synthesis

  4. Other

    4.1. Unclassified

    4.2. Regularization

    4.3. Neural Network Compression

    4.4. Optimizers


Code Generation

Title Date Paper Code Labels
DeepAM: Migrate APIs with Multi-modal Sequence to Sequence Learning 25 apr 2017 arxiv None
A Syntactic Neural Model for General-Purpose Code Generation 6 apr 2017 arxiv None
RobustFill: Neural Program Learning under Noisy I/O 21 mar 2017 arxiv None
DeepCoder: Learning to Write Programs 7 nov 2016 arxiv None
Neuro-Symbolic Program Synthesis 6 nov 2016 arxiv None
Deep API Learning 27 may 2016 arxiv None

Sentiment Analysis

Title Date Paper Code Labels
Rationalizing Neural Predictions 13 jun 2016 arxiv None
Recursive Deep Models for Semantic Compositionality Over a Sentiment Treebank 18 okt 2013 paper None


Title Date Paper Code Labels
Convolutional Sequence to Sequence Learning 8 may 2017 arxiv github state-of-the-art
Google's Multilingual Neural Machine Translation System: Enabling Zero-Shot Translation 14 nov 2016 arxiv None
A Convolutional Encoder Model for Neural Machine Translation 7 nov 2016 arxiv None
Google's Neural Machine Translation System: Bridging the Gap between Human and Machine Translation 26 sep 2016 arxiv None
Neural Machine Translation by Jointly Learning to Align and Translate 1 sep 2014 arxiv None


Title Date Paper Code Labels
No papers in this category.


Title Date Paper Code Labels
A Large Self-Annotated Corpus for Sarcasm 19 apr 2017 arxiv None Compressing text classification models 12 dec 2016 arxiv None
ConceptNet 5.5: An Open Multilingual Graph of General Knowledge 12 dec 2016 arxiv None
A Simple but Tough-to-Beat Baseline for Sentence Embeddings 4 nov 2016 paper github None
Enriching Word Vectors with Subword Information 15 jul 2016 arxiv None
From Word Embeddings To Document Distances 6 jul 2016 paper github None
Bag of Tricks for Efficient Text Classification 6 jul 2016 arxiv None
Character-level Convolutional Networks for Text Classification 4 sep 2015 arxiv None
GloVe: Global Vectors for Word Representation 25 may 2015 paper github None
Distributed Representations of Sentences and Documents 16 may 2014 arxiv None
Efficient Estimation of Word Representations in Vector Space 16 jan 2013 arxiv None
SimHash: Hash-based Similarity Detection 13 dec 2007 paper None



Title Date Paper Code Labels
Phase-Functioned Neural Networks for Character Control 1 may 2017 paper None
Equivalence Between Policy Gradients and Soft Q-Learning 21 apr 2017 arxiv deep-q-learning
Beating Atari with Natural Language Guided Reinforcement Learning 18 apr 2017 arxiv deep-q-learning
Learning from Demonstrations for Real World Reinforcement Learning 12 apr 2017 arxiv deep-q-learning
FeUdal Networks for Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning 3 mar 2017 arxiv deep-q-learning
Overcoming catastrophic forgetting in neural networks 2 dec 2016 arxiv deep-q-learning
DeepChess: End-to-End Deep Neural Network for Automatic Learning in Chess 16 aug 2016 paper None
Dueling Network Architectures for Deep Reinforcement Learning 20 nov 2015 arxiv deep-q-learning
Human-level control through deep reinforcement learning 26 feb 2015 paper deep-q-learning
Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning 19 dec 2013 arxiv deep-q-learning

Style Transfer

Title Date Paper Code Labels
Deep Photo Style Transfer 22 mar 2017 arxiv None
Arbitrary Style Transfer in Real-time with Adaptive Instance Normalization 20 mar 2017 arxiv github None
A Learned Representation For Artistic Style 24 okt 2016 arxiv None
Instance Normalization: The Missing Ingredient for Fast Stylization 27 jul 2016 arxiv None
Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-Resolution 27 mar 2016 arxiv github None
A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style 26 aug 2015 arxiv github None


Title Date Paper Code Labels
End-to-end representation learning for Correlation Filter based tracking 20 apr 2017 arxiv github None

Image Segmentation

Title Date Paper Code Labels
SfM-Net: Learning of Structure and Motion from Video 25 apr 2017 arxiv None
Mask R-CNN 20 mar 2017 arxiv state-of-the-art
Learning Features by Watching Objects Move 19 dec 2016 arxiv state-of-the-art
RefineNet: Multi-Path Refinement Networks for High-Resolution Semantic Segmentation 20 nov 2016 arxiv github None
Fully Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation 20 may 2016 arxiv github None
Instance-aware Semantic Segmentation via Multi-task Network Cascades 14 dec 2015 arxiv None
Multi-Scale Context Aggregation by Dilated Convolutions 23 nov 2015 arxiv None
SegNet: A Deep Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Architecture for Image Segmentation 2 nov 2015 arxiv None
U-Net: Convolutional Networks for Biomedical Image Segmentation 18 may 2015 arxiv None
Learning Rich Features from RGB-D Images for Object Detection and Segmentation 22 jul 2014 arxiv None

Text (in the Wild) Recognition

Title Date Paper Code Labels
OCR Error Correction Using Character Correction and Feature-Based Word Classification 21 apr 2016 arxiv None
Recursive Recurrent Nets with Attention Modeling for OCR in the Wild 9 mar 2016 arxiv None
COCO-Text: Dataset and Benchmark for Text Detection and Recognition in Natural Images 26 jan 2016 arxiv None
Efficient Scene Text Localization and Recognition with Local Character Refinement 14 apr 2015 arxiv None
Reading Text in the Wild with Convolutional Neural Networks 4 dec 2014 arxiv None
Synthetic Data and Artificial Neural Networks for Natural Scene Text Recognition 9 jun 2014 arxiv None

Brain Computer Interfacing

Title Date Paper Code Labels
Encoding Voxels with Deep Learning 2 dec 2015 paper None
Deep Neural Networks Reveal a Gradient in the Complexity of Neural Representations across the Ventral Stream 8 jul 2015 paper None

Self-Driving Cars

Title Date Paper Code Labels
Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles: Problems, Datasets and State-of-the-Art 18 apr 2017 arxiv None
End to End Learning for Self-Driving Cars 25 apr 2016 arxiv None

Object Recognition

Title Date Paper Code Labels
Introspective Classifier Learning: Empower Generatively 25 apr 2017 arxiv None
Learning Chained Deep Features and Classifiers for Cascade in Object Detection 23 feb 2017 arxiv None
DSSD : Deconvolutional Single Shot Detector 23 jan 2017 arxiv state-of-the-art region-proposals
YOLO9000: Better, Faster, Stronger 25 dec 2016 arxiv github state-of-the-art region-proposals
Feature Pyramid Networks for Object Detection 9 dec 2016 arxiv state-of-the-art
Speed/accuracy trade-offs for modern convolutional object detectors 30 nov 2016 arxiv None
Aggregated Residual Transformations for Deep Neural Networks 16 nov 2016 arxiv None
Aggregated Residual Transformations for Deep Neural Networks 16 nov 2016 arxiv None
Hierarchical Object Detection with Deep Reinforcement Learning 11 nov 2016 arxiv deep-q-learning
Xception: Deep Learning with Depthwise Separable Convolutions 7 okt 2016 arxiv None
Learning to Make Better Mistakes: Semantics-aware Visual Food Recognition 1 okt 2016 paper None
Densely Connected Convolutional Networks 25 aug 2016 arxiv None
Residual Networks of Residual Networks: Multilevel Residual Networks 9 aug 2016 arxiv None
Context Matters: Refining Object Detection in Video with Recurrent Neural Networks 15 jul 2016 arxiv None
R-FCN: Object Detection via Region-based Fully Convolutional Networks 20 may 2016 arxiv None
Training Region-based Object Detectors with Online Hard Example Mining 12 apr 2016 arxiv None
T-CNN: Tubelets with Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection from Videos 9 apr 2016 arxiv None
Inception-v4, Inception-ResNet and the Impact of Residual Connections on Learning 23 feb 2016 arxiv None
Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition 10 dec 2015 arxiv None
SSD: Single Shot MultiBox Detector 8 dec 2015 arxiv region-proposals
Fast and Accurate Deep Network Learning by Exponential Linear Units (ELUs) 23 nov 2015 arxiv None
ParseNet: Looking Wider to See Better 15 jun 2015 arxiv None
You Only Look Once: Unified, Real-Time Object Detection 8 jun 2015 arxiv region-proposals
Faster R-CNN: Towards Real-Time Object Detection with Region Proposal Networks 4 jun 2015 arxiv region-proposals
Delving Deep into Rectifiers: Surpassing Human-Level Performance on ImageNet Classification 6 feb 2015 arxiv None
Deep Image: Scaling up Image Recognition 13 jan 2015 arxiv None
Rich feature hierarchies for accurate object detection and semantic segmentation 11 nov 2013 arxiv None
Selective Search for Object Recognition 11 mar 2013 paper None
ImageNet Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks 3 dec 2012 paper getting-started

Logo Recognition

Title Date Paper Code Labels
Deep Learning Logo Detection with Data Expansion by Synthesising Context 29 dec 2016 arxiv None
Automatic Graphic Logo Detection via Fast Region-based Convolutional Networks 20 apr 2016 arxiv None
LOGO-Net: Large-scale Deep Logo Detection and Brand Recognition with Deep Region-based Convolutional Networks 8 nov 2015 arxiv None
DeepLogo: Hitting Logo Recognition with the Deep Neural Network Hammer 7 okt 2015 arxiv None

Super Resolution

Title Date Paper Code Labels
Real-Time Single Image and Video Super-Resolution Using an Efficient Sub-Pixel Convolutional Neural Network 16 sep 2016 arxiv None
Photo-Realistic Single Image Super-Resolution Using a Generative Adversarial Network 15 sep 2016 arxiv None
RAISR: Rapid and Accurate Image Super Resolution 3 jun 2016 arxiv None
Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-Resolution 27 mar 2016 arxiv github None
Image Super-Resolution Using Deep Convolutional Networks 31 dec 2014 arxiv None

Pose Estimation

Title Date Paper Code Labels
Forecasting Human Dynamics from Static Images 11 apr 2017 arxiv None
Fast Single Shot Detection and Pose Estimation 19 sep 2016 arxiv None

Image Captioning

Title Date Paper Code Labels
Detecting and Recognizing Human-Object Interactions 24 apr 2017 arxiv None
Deep Reinforcement Learning-based Image Captioning with Embedding Reward 12 apr 2017 arxiv deep-q-learning
Temporal Tessellation: A Unified Approach for Video Analysis 21 dec 2016 arxiv github None
Generation and Comprehension of Unambiguous Object Descriptions 7 nov 2015 arxiv None
Long-term Recurrent Convolutional Networks for Visual Recognition and Description 17 nov 2014 arxiv None

Image Compression

Title Date Paper Code Labels
Full Resolution Image Compression with Recurrent Neural Networks 18 aug 2016 arxiv None

Image Synthesis

Title Date Paper Code Labels
A Neural Representation of Sketch Drawings 11 apr 2017 arxiv None
BEGAN: Boundary Equilibrium Generative Adversarial Networks 31 mar 2017 arxiv github None
Improved Training of Wasserstein GANs 31 mar 2017 arxiv None
Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation using Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks 30 mar 2017 arxiv github None
RenderGAN: Generating Realistic Labeled Data 4 nov 2016 arxiv None
Conditional Image Generation with PixelCNN Decoders 16 jun 2016 arxiv None
Pixel Recurrent Neural Networks 25 jan 2016 arxiv None

Face Recognition

Title Date Paper Code Labels
Accessorize to a Crime: Real and Stealthy Attacks on State-of-the-Art Face Recognition 24 okt 2016 paper None
OpenFace: A general-purpose face recognition library with mobile applications 1 jun 2016 paper None
Emotion Recognition in the Wild via Convolutional Neural Networks and Mapped Binary Patterns 9 nov 2015 paper None
Deep Face Recognition 7 sep 2015 paper None
Compact Convolutional Neural Network Cascade for Face Detection 6 aug 2015 arxiv None
Learning Robust Deep Face Representation 17 jul 2015 arxiv None
Facenet: A unified embedding for face recognition and clustering 12 jun 2015 paper None
Multi-view Face Detection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks 10 feb 2015 arxiv None


Audio Synthesis

Title Date Paper Code Labels
Deep Cross-Modal Audio-Visual Generation 26 apr 2017 arxiv None
A Neural Parametric Singing Synthesizer 12 apr 2017 arxiv None
Neural Audio Synthesis of Musical Notes with WaveNet Autoencoders 5 apr 2017 arxiv github None
Tacotron: Towards End-to-End Speech Synthesis 29 mar 2017 arxiv None
Deep Voice: Real-time Neural Text-to-Speech 25 feb 2017 arxiv None
WaveNet: A Generative Model for Raw Audio 12 sep 2016 arxiv github None



Title Date Paper Code Labels
Learning to Fly by Crashing 19 apr 2017 arxiv None
Who Said What: Modeling Individual Labelers Improves Classification 26 mar 2017 arxiv None
Semi-supervised Knowledge Transfer for Deep Learning from Private Training Data 18 okt 2016 arxiv None
DeepMath - Deep Sequence Models for Premise Selection 14 jun 2016 arxiv None
Unsupervised CNN for Single View Depth Estimation: Geometry to the Rescue 16 mar 2016 arxiv None
Long Short-Term Memory 15 nov 1997 paper None


Title Date Paper Code Labels
Dropout as a Bayesian Approximation: Representing Model Uncertainty in Deep Learning 6 jun 2015 arxiv None
Batch Normalization: Accelerating Deep Network Training by Reducing Internal Covariate Shift 11 feb 2015 arxiv None

Neural Network Compression

Title Date Paper Code Labels
SqueezeNet: AlexNet-level accuracy with 50x fewer parameters and <0.5MB model size 24 feb 2016 arxiv None
Deep Compression: Compressing Deep Neural Networks with Pruning, Trained Quantization and Huffman Coding 1 okt 2015 arxiv None


Title Date Paper Code Labels
Equilibrated adaptive learning rates for non-convex optimization 15 feb 2015 arxiv None
Adam: A Method for Stochastic Optimization 22 dec 2014 arxiv None
Deep learning with Elastic Averaging SGD 20 dec 2014 arxiv None
ADADELTA: An Adaptive Learning Rate Method 22 dec 2012 arxiv None
Advances in Optimizing Recurrent Networks 4 dec 2012 arxiv None
Efficient Backprop 1 jul 1998 paper getting-started
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