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Revision history for LWP-Protocol-AnyEvent-http
1.0.5 2012-04.25
- Some test files were missing from MANIFEST.
1.0.4 2012-03-09
- Preserve AnyEvent::HTTP pseudo heads by prefixing with X-AE-
- Fix duplicate headers in response
- Add proxy support
- Prevent AnyEvent::HTTP adding Referer header with the request URL
- Fix bug causing cannot use undefined value as SCALAR reference
1.0.3 2011-06-17
- Skip tests that will fail due to DNS hijacking.
1.0.2 2011-06-13
Initial version
- LWP-Protocol-Coro-http-v1.0.1 minus the dependency on Coro.
- Tests added.
- Fixed bugs in :content_cb features.
- Fixed bugs in error handling.
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