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Peter Hilton authored and ikeike443 committed May 1, 2012
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h1. Documentation
-Welcome to the *Play framework 1.2.4* documentation. Check the "version 1.2.4 release notes":releasenotes-1.2.4.
-Check the "version 1.2.4 release notes":releasenotes-1.2.4.
+Welcome to the *Play framework 1.2.5* documentation. See the "version 1.2.5 release notes":releasenotes-1.2.5.
h2. <a name="started">Getting started</a>
@@ -190,6 +188,8 @@ h2. <a name="versionnotes">Version notes</a>
New versions of Play include certain changes. Check older release notes for:
+# "Play 1.2.5":releasenotes-1.2.5
+# "Play 1.2.4":releasenotes-1.2.4
# "Play 1.2":releasenotes-1.2
# "Play 1.1":releasenotes-1.1
# "Play 1.0.3":releasenotes-1.0.3
@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ h3. Mac OS X
Java is built-in, or installed automatically, so you can skip the first step.
# Download the latest "Play binary package": and extract it in @/Applications@.
-# Edit @/etc/paths@ and add the line @/Applications/play-1.2.4@ (for example).
+# Edit @/etc/paths@ and add the line @/Applications/play-1.2.5@ (for example).
An alternative on OS X is:
@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@
+h1. Play 1.2.5 -- Release notes
+The changes in this release are listed in the "Play 1.2.5 milestone": on Lighthouse, including 85 resolved tickets. The most important changes are:
+* fixed multiple continuations/await bugs
+* security fix for hash-colission-atack
+* JNDI DataSource under Glassfish 3
+* improved chunked transfer/streaming support
+* All libraries upgraded, including netty-3.4.1.Final
+* web socket support for all browsers.

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