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package stm
import "bytes"
// NewBufferAdapter returns the created the BufferAdapter's pointer
func NewBufferAdapter() *BufferAdapter {
adapter := &BufferAdapter{}
return adapter
// BufferAdapter provides implementation for the Adapter interface.
type BufferAdapter struct {
bufs []*bytes.Buffer // TODO: contains with filename
// Bytes gets written content.
func (adp *BufferAdapter) Bytes() [][]byte {
bufs := make([][]byte, len(adp.bufs))
for i, buf := range adp.bufs {
bufs[i] = buf.Bytes()
return bufs
// Write will create sitemap xml file into the file systems.
func (adp *BufferAdapter) Write(loc *Location, data []byte) {
adp.bufs = append(adp.bufs, bytes.NewBuffer(data))
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