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package stm
import (
// builderFileError is implementation for the BuilderError interface.
type builderFileError struct {
full bool
// FullError returns true if a sitemap xml had been limit size.
func (e *builderFileError) FullError() bool {
return e.full
// NewBuilderFile returns the created the BuilderFile's pointer
func NewBuilderFile(opts *Options, loc *Location) *BuilderFile {
b := &BuilderFile{opts: opts, loc: loc}
return b
// BuilderFile provides implementation for the Builder interface.
type BuilderFile struct {
opts *Options
loc *Location
content []byte
linkcnt int
newscnt int
// Add method joins old bytes with creates bytes by it calls from Sitemap.Add method.
func (b *BuilderFile) Add(url interface{}) BuilderError {
u := MergeMap(url.(URL),
URL{{"host", b.loc.opts.defaultHost}},
smu, err := NewSitemapURL(b.opts, u)
if err != nil {
log.Fatalf("[F] Sitemap: %s", err)
bytes := smu.XML()
if !b.isFileCanFit(bytes) {
return &builderFileError{error: err, full: true}
b.content = append(b.content, bytes...)
return nil
// isFileCanFit checks bytes to bigger than consts values.
func (b *BuilderFile) isFileCanFit(bytes []byte) bool {
r := len(append(b.content, bytes...)) < MaxSitemapFilesize
r = r && b.linkcnt < MaxSitemapLinks
return r && b.newscnt < MaxSitemapNews
// clear will initialize xml content.
func (b *BuilderFile) clear() {
b.content = make([]byte, 0, MaxSitemapFilesize)
// Content will return pooled bytes on content attribute.
func (b *BuilderFile) Content() []byte {
return b.content
// XMLContent will return an XML of the sitemap built
func (b *BuilderFile) XMLContent() []byte {
c := bytes.Join(bytes.Fields(XMLHeader), []byte(" "))
c = append(append(c, b.Content()...), XMLFooter...)
return c
// Write will write pooled bytes with header and footer to
// Location path for output sitemap file.
func (b *BuilderFile) Write() {
c := b.XMLContent()
b.loc.Write(c, b.linkcnt)
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