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package stm
import "bytes"
// NewBuilderIndexfile returns the created the BuilderIndexfile's pointer
func NewBuilderIndexfile(opts *Options, loc *Location) *BuilderIndexfile {
return &BuilderIndexfile{opts: opts, loc: loc}
// BuilderIndexfile provides implementation for the Builder interface.
type BuilderIndexfile struct {
opts *Options
loc *Location
content []byte
linkcnt int
totalcnt int
// Add method joins old bytes with creates bytes by it calls from Sitemap.Finalize method.
func (b *BuilderIndexfile) Add(link interface{}) BuilderError {
bldr := link.(*BuilderFile)
smu := NewSitemapIndexURL(b.opts, URL{{"loc", bldr.loc.URL()}})
b.content = append(b.content, smu.XML()...)
b.totalcnt += bldr.linkcnt
return nil
// Content and BuilderFile.Content are almost the same behavior.
func (b *BuilderIndexfile) Content() []byte {
return b.content
// XMLContent and BuilderFile.XMLContent share almost the same behavior.
func (b *BuilderIndexfile) XMLContent() []byte {
c := bytes.Join(bytes.Fields(IndexXMLHeader), []byte(" "))
c = append(append(c, b.Content()...), IndexXMLFooter...)
return c
// Write and Builderfile.Write are almost the same behavior.
func (b *BuilderIndexfile) Write() {
c := b.XMLContent()
b.loc.Write(c, b.linkcnt)
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