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package stm
// NewOptions returns the created the Options's pointer
func NewOptions() *Options {
// Default values
return &Options{
defaultHost: "",
sitemapsHost: "", //,
publicPath: "public/",
sitemapsPath: "sitemaps/",
filename: "sitemap",
verbose: true,
compress: true,
pretty: false,
adp: NewFileAdapter(),
// Options exists for the Sitemap struct.
type Options struct {
defaultHost string
sitemapsHost string
publicPath string
sitemapsPath string
filename string
verbose bool
compress bool
pretty bool
adp Adapter
nmr *Namer
loc *Location
// SetDefaultHost sets that arg from Sitemap.Finalize method
func (opts *Options) SetDefaultHost(host string) {
opts.defaultHost = host
// SetSitemapsHost sets that arg from Sitemap.SetSitemapsHost method
func (opts *Options) SetSitemapsHost(host string) {
opts.sitemapsHost = host
// SetSitemapsPath sets that arg from Sitemap.SetSitemapsPath method.
func (opts *Options) SetSitemapsPath(path string) {
opts.sitemapsPath = path
// SetPublicPath sets that arg from Sitemap.SetPublicPath method
func (opts *Options) SetPublicPath(path string) {
opts.publicPath = path
// SetFilename sets that arg from Sitemap.SetFilename method
func (opts *Options) SetFilename(filename string) {
opts.filename = filename
// SetVerbose sets that arg from Sitemap.SetVerbose method
func (opts *Options) SetVerbose(verbose bool) {
opts.verbose = verbose
// SetCompress sets that arg from Sitemap.SetCompress method
func (opts *Options) SetCompress(compress bool) {
opts.compress = compress
// SetPretty option sets pretty option to Options struct which allows pretty formatting to output files.
func (opts *Options) SetPretty(pretty bool) {
opts.pretty = pretty
// SetAdapter sets that arg from Sitemap.SetAdapter method
func (opts *Options) SetAdapter(adp Adapter) {
opts.adp = adp
// SitemapsHost sets that arg from Sitemap.SitemapsHost method
func (opts *Options) SitemapsHost() string {
if opts.sitemapsHost != "" {
return opts.sitemapsHost
return opts.defaultHost
// Location returns the Location's pointer with
// set option to arguments for Builderfile struct.
func (opts *Options) Location() *Location {
return NewLocation(opts)
// IndexLocation returns the Location's pointer with
// set option to arguments for BuilderIndexfile struct.
func (opts *Options) IndexLocation() *Location {
o := opts.Clone()
o.nmr = NewNamer(&NOpts{base: opts.filename})
return NewLocation(o)
// Namer returns Namer's pointer cache. If didn't create that yet,
// It also returns created Namer's pointer.
func (opts *Options) Namer() *Namer {
if opts.nmr == nil {
opts.nmr = NewNamer(&NOpts{base: opts.filename, zero: 1, start: 2})
return opts.nmr
// Clone method returns it copied myself.
func (opts *Options) Clone() *Options {
o := *opts
return &o
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