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package stm
import (
// NewSitemap returns the created the Sitemap's pointer
func NewSitemap(maxProc int) *Sitemap {
log.SetFlags(log.LstdFlags | log.Llongfile)
if maxProc < 1 || maxProc > runtime.NumCPU() {
maxProc = runtime.NumCPU()
log.Printf("Max processors %d\n", maxProc)
sm := &Sitemap{
opts: NewOptions(),
return sm
// Sitemap provides interface for create sitemap xml file and that has convenient interface.
// And also needs to use first this struct if it wants to use this package.
type Sitemap struct {
opts *Options
bldr Builder
bldrs Builder
// SetDefaultHost is your website's host name
func (sm *Sitemap) SetDefaultHost(host string) {
// SetSitemapsHost is the remote host where your sitemaps will be hosted
func (sm *Sitemap) SetSitemapsHost(host string) {
// SetSitemapsPath sets this to a directory/path if you don't
// want to upload to the root of your `SitemapsHost`
func (sm *Sitemap) SetSitemapsPath(path string) {
// SetPublicPath is the directory to write sitemaps to locally
func (sm *Sitemap) SetPublicPath(path string) {
// SetAdapter can switch output file storage.
// We have S3Adapter and FileAdapter (default: FileAdapter)
func (sm *Sitemap) SetAdapter(adp Adapter) {
// SetVerbose can switch verbose output to console.
func (sm *Sitemap) SetVerbose(verbose bool) {
// SetCompress can switch compress for the output file.
func (sm *Sitemap) SetCompress(compress bool) {
// SetPretty option allows pretty formating to the output files.
func (sm *Sitemap) SetPretty(pretty bool) {
// SetFilename can apply any name in this method if you wants to change output file name
func (sm *Sitemap) SetFilename(filename string) {
// Create method must be that calls first this method in that before call to Add method on this struct.
func (sm *Sitemap) Create() *Sitemap {
sm.bldrs = NewBuilderIndexfile(sm.opts, sm.opts.IndexLocation())
return sm
// Add Should call this after call to Create method on this struct.
func (sm *Sitemap) Add(url interface{}) *Sitemap {
if sm.bldr == nil {
sm.bldr = NewBuilderFile(sm.opts, sm.opts.Location())
err := sm.bldr.Add(url)
if err != nil {
if err.FullError() {
return sm.Add(url)
return sm
// XMLContent returns the XML content of the sitemap
func (sm *Sitemap) XMLContent() []byte {
return sm.bldr.XMLContent()
// Finalize writes sitemap and index files if it had some
// specific condition in BuilderFile struct.
func (sm *Sitemap) Finalize() *Sitemap {
sm.bldr = nil
return sm
// PingSearchEngines requests some ping server.
// It also has that includes PingSearchEngines function.
func (sm *Sitemap) PingSearchEngines(urls ...string) {
PingSearchEngines(sm.opts, urls...)
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