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Data-X Instructors

IEOR 135 / 290: Applied Data Science with Venture Applications

Link to course website & syllabus

Teaching team Fall 2018:

  • Instructor: Ikhlaq Sidhu
  • Instructor: Alexander Fred-Ojala
  • GSIs: Sumayah Rahman and Tanya Piplani

This is the official Github repository for the Data-X class at UC Berkeley


Download the material

To download this Github repository just press the green Clone or Download button to the top right.


▶️ Usage

To download the material to your computer please Install git and use the Terminal / Command Prompt to clone the repository.

git clone

Every time the repository is updated, to get the most recent version, cd to the cloned data-x folder and run:

git pull

For more information about Version Control, git, and Github please read this excellent guide: Introduction to git and Github

📧 Contact us

  • Ikhlaq Sidhu: sidhu @ berkeley edu (LinkedIn)
  • Alexander Fred-Ojala: afo @ berkeley edu (LinkedIn)

📁 About the Bootcamp

Today, the world is literally reinventing itself with Data and AI. However, neither leading companies nor the world’s top students have the complete knowledge set to participate in this newly developing world. This course provides the tools and understanding to boost any student’s ability to create the emerging data applications of the future. This bootcamp is suitable for individuals interested in hands-on practical understanding of data science and application opportunities in new ventures, industry project areas, and potential support of research with data technologies.

The Data-X course is a high paced immersion into data and data science principles in a uniquely practical approach. The program contains theory segments, code samples in Python and in Jupyter Notebooks, and a real-life wide ranging project that can be started with guidance for instructors. The course includes a real life code development project.

❤️ Credits

List of Dependencies:

🎓 License


Data-X Instructors