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Shaarli Web Extension

Share your link to your Shaarli on Firefox Quantum.
This add-on add a button allowing to share your current tab to your shaarli.

NB: Shaarli is a minimalist link sharing service that you can install on your own server.
See shaarli.

Why this project

Aeris made a really cool extension but with firefox version 57 (Quantum) the extension has become obsolete.
So here we go for a Firefox Quantum Web-Extension.

Where to find it

Aeris/shaarli version on firefox library has been updated


  • Share button in toolbar
  • Share button in address bar (disabled by default)

Extension settings

  • Set your shaarli URL
  • Set popup dimensions (numeric fields)
  • Enable/disable share button in address bar


  • Allow popup dimensions to be saved on popup exit
  • Allow multiple action on toolbar button (optional):
    • Share link
    • Go to shaarli

Known bug

  • Title and URL are uri_encoded twice in "Firefox for Linux" NB: bug not present in dev mode and in windows


The project is in licence GPL v3, see LICENCE