A sort-of-object-store written in bash & command-line-tools
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This is a dumb sort-of-object-store. I blame @glennklockwood.

It uses split gzipped files spread and replicated across a list of nodes, with keyed passwordless scp/ssh for distribution and reading. It's written in bash (though I haven't checked for bashisms, it might be portable to dash/ksh/sh) and a fairly vanilla blend of command-line tools.

Still missing:

  • more careful replication, where we actually have multiple replicas on single hosts (or else make sure we don't try to make more replicas than we have hosts: at the moment they just get overwritten on the same host)
  • maybe more careful object ID generation
  • nodelist syncing
  • ability to run in different dirs on different nodes
  • any sort of checking that what you get out is what you put in
  • bash CGI access
  • something to check the number of replicas available and re-replicate if necessary
  • something to check replicas haven't diverged through corruption (+ quorum assertion)
  • a remote version of the store command
  • CI testing
  • probably a bunch of other things, I don't know