Application uses jQuery to show a resume for the fictional character, Rainbow Dash.
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Dynamic Resume

###resumeBuilder.js by Isabeau Kisler, original helper.js by Udacity, with changes made by Isabeau Kisler Uses jQuery and Google Maps API

Application shows a resume for the fictional character, Rainbow Dash.

###The Project Using jQuery, developed an interactive resume application that reads all data from a JSON file and then dynamically modifies the DOM to display the information. Further customized the project by personalizing the design using CSS.

This project and its author are in no way connected to Hasbro or My Little Pony. Images taken from varius sources, listed in the file imageCitations.txt.

###Running the Program Download the folder and all its files, then double click on 'index.html'. OR Go to the github page to view.

This project is part of Udacity's Front-End Nanodegree program.

For more of Isabeau's work, check out her portfolio.