Image viewer program for Linux running X-Desktop enviroment. Single window for fast and convenient view and browse, with acurate zoom and pan features.
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Min 4 Image Viewer

Image viewer program for Linux running X-Desktop enviroment.
Single window for fast and convenient view and browse, with acurate zoom and
pan features. 
Key and mouse navigation customizable trough command line
interface or configuration file. Internally uses Imlib2 library, so can 
load any image formats that Imlib2 understands, including 
JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and more.

Build Requirements

Few libraries are needed and should be accessible 
durning the build process. Based on package names that 
Ubuntu Linux distribution provides, they are as follows:

	* libx11-xcb-dev
	* libimlib2-dev

As a result of the above; plus, the other libraries that this project 
depends on, that should be already present on the system
since GCC and G++ should already have been installed; names of all 
the libraries that are passed to the compiler on the command 
line are:

	* dl
	* pthread
	* X11
	* Imlib2

Build Instructions

* Unpack downloaded source code archive file.
* Navigate to a subdirectory "projects/01_cli".
* Make sure it contains "makefile" file.
* Use command "make release" to compile and build.
* If successful, binary file will be created in
  the "projects/01_cli/bin/release" subdirectory

Changelog - Version History

	Initial release.

	* Option to specify initial anti alias settings ('--aa_whence').
	* Window title bar now shows current zoom level.
	* Added '--common_exts' command line option.
	* Added '--bSelfExtListEx' command line option.
	* Readme file and Usage updates.

Command Line Interface

min4iv --file_in_dir FILE [OPTIONS]

min4iv --filelist FILE [OPTIONS]

min4iv [OPTIONS] file1 file2 file3 ... fileN


--filelist FILE

	Text file that contains files to browse, one file per line.
	Additionally, one or more of individual files can be specified
	at command line.

--start_at FILE

	File name to start browsing at. For use toogether with the
	'--filelist' option. If not used, then by default, first file
	in the list is used to start the browsing at.

--file_in_dir FILE

	File to open at startup, and also, a directory with image
	files that will be added to the list automatically.
	The other option, '--start_at', should not be used with this one.


	Show this help and exits.

--sort_mode alpha|natsort|none  --  default: alpha

	Initial list sorting mode.
	All input files will be sorted if method specified is
	different than 'none'.
	Sorting is done on UTF-8 strings only.
	In alphanumerical sorting, 'alpha', comparision is
	case-insensitive, while case is considered only for english

--initial_metrics fit|center|center2  --  default: fit

	How to position newly loaded images.
	By default image may be resized to fit inside 
	the windpw.

--zoom_step FLOAT  --  default: 1.17

	Floating point value used when zoommin-in or out.
	Fe. value 1.2 causes bigger scalling steps than value 1.1.

--pidfile FILE

	Name of file that is created and contains PID of
	the process.

--bg COLOR

	Background color. 6 hex digit format, only.
	Eg. AA8080 or FF00FF.

--bg_fs COLOR

	Same as '--bg' option but for use only when in full-screen mode,
	when there is no title bar or task manager visible.
	Eg. on many X-Desktop window managers, window can be switched into
	full-screen using the F11 key.


	Maximize on startup.

--wmax2 FLOAT/EDGE

	Pseudo maximize on startup.
	Float value is the amout of how much to make the window smaller.
	Value marked as EDGE tells form which window side to subtract
	the size from. EDGE must be set to 'L', 'R', 'T' or 'B'.
	While window can be maximized with the '--wmax' switch instead, this one
	is provided as an alternative, potentially smoother way.
	Eg. '--wmax2 0.1/B' makes window 'maximized' but with the height set to 
	90 percent instead, leaving some space below the window, not covered.


	Print more info to stdout.

--bDontRotate 0|1   --   default: 0

	Do not go to the first image file on the list end.

--geometry WxH[+X+Y]
--g WxH[+X+Y]

	Window Geometry on startup.
	X and Y can be both set to 'C', special value,
	to cause centering on the screen.

--high_prio CHARACTERS

	For use when sorting in alpha-numerical mode, ie. when '--sort_mode' is
	set to 'alpha'.
	ASCII Characters that are considered the highest priority.
	Eg. including character tilde ('~' (0x7E)) in this list, will sort
	this character with highest priority, before letters,
	numbers, and even before 0x01.
	Characters in the list, priority between themself, is determined
	by their order.

--low_prio CHARACTERS

	Same as '--high_prio' option, but this is to cause placement
	at the end of the list, after any other character.
	Characters can be specified percent-encoded, under condition
	that the last character is itself percent-encoded.
	Eg. set the last character to '%00' to have it itself ignored,
	but actually, percent-decode the other characters.

--bShowActions 0|1         --       default: 0

	Shows action names and exits.
	These are names that can be used when binding action to keys
	or buttons.

--bind_k KEY=ACTION

	Binds key or button to an action.
	Eg. to make the delete key quit the program use 'Delete=Quit'
	KEY can also be specified as HEX value with 0x prefix,
	eg. '0xffbe' (F1 in this case) (This is an Xlib feature).

--bNoDefaultBinds 0|1      --      default: 0

	Do not assign any default binds.
	On command line, this switch must appear before any actual user
	bind made via the '--bind_k' option.

--bShowBinds 0|1        --        default: 1

	Shows all key binds in the program on startup. Includes
	any default binds.

--nMoveByKeyAmount NUMBER       --       default: 16

	How much to move the image when using keyboard, in sigle key press.

--config_file FILE

	Configuration file that contains command line options.
	Each line should contain option name followed by value. Simple parsing.
	Example file contents:

		--bg_fs FF88FF
		--bind_k Delete=Quit
		--bind_k c=Quit

	Each line must begin with correct option name, that starts with
	double dash, followed by space character. Only after that space
	character the string can be quoted.
	If file names are to be specified, that potentially contain space
	characters, the line must start with a double dash ('--'), followed 
	by space, then followed by quoted file name.

--common_exts Ext1,Ext2,Ext3,...,ExtN

	Specify file name extensions of the image files.
	Optional, and there is already default set of exts provided.
	Comma separated list, lowercase characters, no dot prefix.
	Simply, these are file types that the input directory is scanned for,
	that are being added to the browse list, on startup.
	Used when starting with the '--file_in_dir' option.
	This may look something like:


--bSelfExtListEx 1|0       --       default: 1

	Whenever to extend the browse list with files with the same
	file name extension as the input file itself, when
	scanning directory for the other images.
	Ie. when set to true, browse list gets potentially extended,
	otherwise doesn't.
	Related to '--file_in_dir' and '--common_exts'.

--aa_whence FLAGS        --        default: 's'

	Conditions telling when to use anti alias (AA) on the image.
	FLAGS can be combination of the following letters:

		's': AA when shrinked,
		'u': AA when unaltered, ie. zoom is 1.0,
		'e': AA when enlarged,
		'a': AA at all zoom levels,

		'0': Diable AA.

	Eg. when set to 'se', AA will be used when the image is
	shrinked ('s') and when enlarged ('e'), but not when 
	unaltered (at zoom 1.0).
	Default AA setting is so that it is only applied when the
	image is shrinked. To have AA disabled all the time,
	set this argument to '0'.

Notes About Binding Actions
	The action 'MousePanButton' can only be bound to mouse buttons:
	M1, M2, M3, and so forth. Eg. 'M1=MousePanButton'